Get a personal job counselor

You can get personal job counseling for free via Jobindex. The job counselor can guide you in your job search.

Job counseling is for anyone who needs a little help and guidance when searching for a job, e.g., help with your CV and applications, inspiration to what type of job you can apply for, ideas for change of industry or guidance for an interview.

Job counseling via Jobindex:

  • Anyone with a CV at Jobindex can get a job counselor
  • Job counseling is free
  • The job counselor will gain access to your contact information and all the information on your CV

How to get a job counsellor

Go through the list of job counsellors and pick the counsellor you think is the best match for you and your line of work. Then you’ll gain access to contacting the counsellor. We recommend that you write them an email and attach your CV and couple of applications. The rest is up to you.

What to expect of your job counsellor?

Your counsellor cannot directly get you a job. But they can offer feedback and guidance regarding applications, CV, industry change and network. The job counsellor is volunteering and might have a full-time job, so be aware that they may not always be able to reply immediately.

The job counsellor cannot help you with more serious issues nor give you in-depth career guidance. If you need more help, please contact the job center, your unemployment insurance fund or Union.

Who can become a job counsellor?

Anyone experiences with management or HR can volunteer as job counsellors at Jobindex. You will thereby be guided by experienced counselors experienced with hiring employees who can help you give the best impression.