Free career guidance with Jobindex

Do you need personal advice and guidance in your pursuit of your dream job? Then Jobindex may help you get in touch with a voluntary career counselor.

Jobindex has established a network of volunteer career counselors who have the time and desire to help others navigate the job market and find a new job. We can provide free advice and guidance from a career counselor with experience in hiring people who would like to help you. The career counselors are volunteers, unpaid and do not provide information to the job center, a-kasse or other. The project is open to all jobseekers, even those in an existing position or not a member of a-kasse.

The career counselor can take a look at your resume and applications, and may give you some tips on how you can improve them. The career counselor may also advise you on the types of jobs you should apply for if you want to change careers. It depends on you what kind of advice you need. The career counselor is a person who has been sitting on the other side of the desk and therefore can advise you on how to find a new job.

How to proceed

To get a career counselor you should maintain an active resume on Jobindex. Click on the pane "CV" and register your resume in the database.

Go to "Your page" and click the link to career guidance project (only in Danish), where you are free to choose a career counselor. Make sure to read the career counselor’s profile thoroughly. It is usually an advantage choosing a career counselor with experience in the industry you work or wish to change to. It may also be an advantage choosing a career counselor in the same region as where you live, if you wish – in agreement with the career counselor – meet for a conversation.

The first you need to do is send your career counselor an email with the following:

  • a description of you and the position you are seeking
  • a copy of your resume and a description of yourself and your experience
  • an example of an application you have sent to a company

Jobindex will send you an email with contact information when you have selected a career counselor. You are encouraged to contact the career counselor. Likewise, the career counselor will also receive and email with your contact information and a link to your resume with Jobindex. How to proceed is totally up to you and your career counselor. Some prefer to communicate via email, while others by phone or meet in person.

Keep in mind that a Jobindex career counselor volunteers and is unpaid. If the career counselor is busy at work or away visiting family on the weekends, you may not get a response to your email right away.

How can a career counselor help?

Each career counselor gets a new candidate every week, and may use up to 4 hours per candidate without violating benefit rules. It may also be difficult to advise people via email or phone. Your career counselor is not responsible for getting you a job, they are only there to help you improve your resume, your application and give you advise about where to apply. The career counselor concept seems to work best for candidates needing some quick advice and guidance. If you need in-depth career advice, we urge you to reach out to the job centers and A-kasse where you have the opportunity to meet people in person, and where you also have the opportunity to take classes or tranings if needed.

Usually you send a resume and an example of an application, and get advice about how to improve your resume and the application, either via email or phone. You may also find inspiration in our article that advise us to share the results we have achieved, instead of our experiences.

Thereafter you may get some advice on which jobs you should apply for. It is often at this point you may help people find their next position. Too many apply to narrowly, and when we do our own career counseling we are often able to increase the number of vacancies by a tenfold, which means people also increase their chances of landing their next job by the tenfold. Perhaps you should begin applying for a job you are likely to get, and then reapply for the dream job as a next step. There are many different positions for a dream job if you are willing to expand your horizon.

If your career counselor has knowledge of the industry, you could get advice about which companies to apply with. Unsolicited applications still play a big part, but your career counselor may know which firms are expanding at the moment. There are 50,000 small businesses with over 10 employees, so there is a great selection.

Many positions are placed through networks and contacts. Many positions are also placed because you know someone, but if you are a recent graduate, this network is not available to you. By approaching a career counselor, he or she may know people in the industry you can call, and may be where you land your dream job.