Get ready for the Danish labour market

If you are a refugee or have been reunited with your family in Denmark, you now have the opportunity to be employed via the new Act on Integration Education (integrationsgrunduddannelse, abbreviated IGU henceforth).

IGU enables you to become part of the Danish labour market – even if you do not yet know the Danish language or can meet Danish labour market demands from day one.

Integration job: 2 years with school and salary

Integration jobs are aimed at people between the age of 18 and 40. An integration job lasts 2 years where you will be employed within a Danish company. Apart from being trained in your field of expertise, you will also go to school for up to 20 weeks.

You will earn a salary from your employer throughout the 2 years. During the 20 weeks of school, you will receive training subsidies – an amount equal to integration allowance for refugees.

At the end, you will receive a diploma. The idea is that after 2 years you will have learnt so much about the Danish labour market that you are qualified to apply for any kind of job.

How to get an integration job

You need to apply for an integration job at a company – the same way that any other person applies for a job at the Danish labour market. First, you have to find vacant IGU positions that you want to apply for. You often have to apply for more than one job before you end up with a job offer.

Here at you can start searching for vacant IGU jobs. We have advised Danish companies to put “Integration job”, “IGU” or “Erhvervsintegration” in the job ad text. You can start your job search with these words.

Please click the links below to go directly to searches containing ”integrationsjob”, “integration job”,” IGU” h.

Search jobs

Job ads written in English are an indicator that you do not necessarily have to be able to speak Danish.

Your CV

Register your CV with Jobindex for free. Registering your CV in our database makes it easier for Danish companies to find you when they have an available IGU position. When you upload or register you CV, please tick the box called “flygtning” (refugee) under “Specialgrupper”.

Create a Job Agent

When you create a Job Agent, you will receive a notice directly in your e-mail inbox every time a new IGU position is posted on

Receive job guidance

Having registered your CV with, you can get connected with one of our volunteer job guides. He or she will give you tips on how to get closer to landing your dream job in Denmark.