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As we spend most of our waken hours at work with our colleagues, we believe it is important to focus on job satisfaction. We believe it ought to permeate everything. Because with job satisfaction we are all winners – employees and employers!

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Find a new job or new co-workers at Jobindex. We provide the most comprehensive overview of available jobs in Denmark. Jobindex is a kind of job search engine that searches through job ads from over 500 job databases and sites in Denmark, including Jobnet. On a daily basis, we promote thousands of available jobs in all industries, so why not start your job search at Jobindex, and get employed soon.

We have got the largest CV database in Denmark with more than 120,000 CVs. It is easy, fast and confidential to add your CV at Jobindex. At the same time, via our email service, you can designate what kind of positions you are looking for, and receive emails every day with relevant job. Jobindex also has 25+ recruitment consultants who work on a daily basis with matching available positions with the country's best candidates.