Job ad: Researcher to biomass, PhD - Cellulose

Hansen Toft A/S recruiting on behalf of Inbicore
Hansen Toft A/S

Researcher to biomass, PhD - Cellulose

Are you passionate about sustainability and eager to make a difference in the green revolution? Dive into an opportunity where your expertise in cellulose research can shape the future of green products.

In this pivotal role, you will spearhead the research, development, and innovation of cellulose products derived from biomass. Your responsibilities will encompass planning and overseeing chemical inputs for cellulose production and testing, ensuring that the R&D process adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety. Collaboration is key, and you will work closely with interdisciplinary teams, especially focusing on the development of straw for textiles over a 24-month project.

Hansen Toft A/S