Job ad: Production & Logistic Planner

Komplex ApS
Production & Logistic Planner

Komplex ApS recruiting on behalf of NOBIAN – Dansk Salt A/S in Mariager

Komplex is looking for a passionate and motivated Production & Logistic Planner on behalf of Nobian/Dansk Salt A/S in Mariager (DK)

Generally, the purpose of the job is to perform its function in compliance with current rules and instructions including rules regarding Quality, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Food Safety, GMP+ (Feed Safety), Health, Safety, and Environment (Q-HSE&S), Nobian Business Principles and Code of Conduct.

Ensure an optimal manufacturing base & Customer service:

  • Integrate commercial needs into a sustainable operation
  • Convert customer demand and daily challenges into flexible planning
  • Coordination of in- and external communication when priorities change in production and port
Komplex ApS
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