Jobannonce: Enrichment Specialist

Subaio ApS Enrichment Specialist

Subaio ApS

We are looking for enrichment specialists that can help us improve our ever-growing catalogue of products and subscriptions.

In a world where you can get everything from music and film to razor blades and cars as a subscription, bank customers crave an overview of their recurring expenses. This type of data insight delivers a lot of other use cases both for the bank and its customers – everything from switching to a better deal, getting approved for a loan and much more. This is what we do at Subaio.

Our main enrichment tool is our support system, where a typical workday could include:

  • Enriching products with logo, description, cancellation options, and more, which requires great “Google” skills
  • Validating rules our automated engine has identified for products
  • Handling cancellation requests from customers