Jobannonce: Senior Sound Designer

IO Interactive
Senior Sound Designer

IO Interactive in Malmö, Barcelona or Copenhagen

You are always the sound critic when you go to concerts, but, unlike others, you really understand how they're playing. Your friends don’t get it, but interactive sound is what you feed off of – you observe how things around you interact with sound and the melody behind that.

When you hear the title HITMAN, you are immediately immersed in a world of sound that encapsulates this franchise. We are continuing our exciting work on HITMAN 3's post-launch content, and we are looking for a Sound Designer to be the centerpiece of owning the sound of HITMAN 3 Live.

If you’ve been frantically nodding at this description since you started reading it, we would like to meet. You might be our new Sound Designer.

The role is open in our Malmö, Barcelona or Copenhagen studio.

IO Interactive