Jobannonce: Production Planner, Sub-assembly & Analytics

WS Audiology
Production Planner, Sub-assembly & Analytics

WS Audiology, Lynge

Located in our CO2 neutral Headquarters north of Copenhagen, Lynge, you will take on the Planning of HQ Sub-assembly & Analytics. This encompasses the master planning of both our internal production departments: Microelectronic & Plastic/Molding as well as the further development of our Planning Analytics competences.

In this role you will lead the master planning of these departments working closely with the respective managers/production coordinators to ensure they produce the right thing, at the right time, in the right quantity. Secondly, you will further our attempts to create transparency in the supply chain by developing reports (Power BI) designed for both daily monitoring as well as upper-management reporting.

Our Team’s target can be denoted in four bullets:

  • Ensure product availability towards a good delivery performance
  • Keep a controlled, lean stock in the correct mix at key replenishment points
WS Audiology

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