Jobannonce: Molecular Biologist, Senior Scientist - Job Code vpj031

Vipergen ApSMolecular Biologist, Senior Scientist - Job Code vpj031

Vipergen ApS, Copenhagen

Vipergen is a biotech company dedicated to small molecule drug discovery using DNA-encoded chemical libraries. For this purpose, Vipergen has successfully developed and commercialized two 2nd generation technology platforms - The YoctoReactor® for synthesizing DNA-encoded small-molecule libraries and Binder Trap Enrichment® (BTE) for screening such libraries. In addition, we have developed a 3rd generation screening technology for screening in living cells, the cellular BTE®.

We are currently looking for a candidate who can contribute to the development of the Binder Trap Enrichment® technology as well as the continued development of our additional discovery platforms. You will be part of a dynamic team of molecular biologists and chemists.

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