Jobannonce: Mechanical Engineer/Designer

CAD Kompagniet A/S
Mechanical Engineer/Designer

CAD Kompagniet A/S recruiting on behalf of PJM A/S in Fårevejle

We are looking for a passionate Mechanical Engineer with a keen interest in innovation, development, and mechanical design.

As our new mechanical engineer/designer in the Mechanical Design and Engineering Department you will have a central position in mechanical design, as the backbones for the automation solutions are created here. You will be working in a multidisciplinary creative project team of mechanical designers, technical assistants, programmers, fitters, and project managers.

Also, you will be involved in our Innovation Lab. The Lab is a collaborative workspace for all PJM employees, where we can explore possibilities such as 3D prototyping, advanced robotics, IoT and software.

CAD Kompagniet A/S