Jobannonce: Senior Backend Java Developer

Schneider Electric IT Denmark
Senior Backend Java Developer

Schneider Electric IT Denmark, Kolding

Are you tired of building backend applications with a single-node relational database, a bit of business logic, and a web front-end accessed via REST? Would you rather face challenges similar to what developers working at the big “Internet Giants” struggle with?

EcoStruxure IT Expert is a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service product, where customers can sign-up on their own. Basically, customers install a “Gateway” server in their data center.

Our backend is mainly built in Java using Spring and Maven. We can’t use traditional SQL databases because of our massive amounts of data and HA requirements, so we use systems like Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and CockroachDB. To process incoming data in “near real-time” we use Kafka and Kafka Streams. The microservices in our architecture communicate with each other using Protobuf, Kafka, and gRPC. The mobile phones and our web app access the application via JSON/REST.

Schneider Electric IT Denmark

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