See how candidates view your company

On the Company Profile current and former employees can submit their rating and it is your opportunity to give candidates an insight into your company as a workplace. Search for your Company Profile below.

Are you attractive to candidates?

Via the Company Profile, candidates get to know your company as a workplace. Our analyses show that the better a candidate knows a company, the more likely it is that they search for a position within it. So apart from the fact that candidates are better equipped to send you a good application, a Company Profile helps making it more likely that they will send you an application to begin with. Hopefully, with this profile, you attract your next great employee, allowing both your company and the candidate to experience job satisfaction.

Make your Company Profile attractive

At the Company Profile, you present your workplace in words and pictures just as you can update your profile with news on an ongoing basis. We make sure that your profile is always up-to-date with vacancies, current and former employees’ ratings, accounting figures and the development in job ads over time.