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Not everyone has a clear view of VP as a company. We are actually the leading provider of securities and investor services in Denmark, and we offer our solutions beyond Denmark’s borders. VP is the CSD (Central Securities Depository) in Denmark and Luxembourg, and we provide the systemic infrastructure in the securities area. In fact, we settle securities trades for more than DKK 150 billion on a daily basis via our systems.

We assist a large number of Denmark’s listed companies and investment funds with services for their shareholders and investors. We take their trust in us very seriously. We are 180 dedicated employees who are all highly specialised in business development and IT.

At VP, we have three values to support both our culture and our business objectives.

  • Trusted: As a trusted partner, we work closely alongside our customers to support their goals with reliable solutions and market expertise.
  • Ambitious: We strive constantly to deliver more innovative and efficient services that meet our customers’ growing challenges.
  • Relying on our deep customer insight, we create value through services that realise our customers’ commercial targets.
Culture promotes development

Our culture is characterised by our extremely dedicated employees. We have a performance culture, and we share a high knowledge level and the objective of turning this into value for our customers and for VP. You will always work in the area in which your competences can best be deployed.

Mobile workplaces mean that we can be available whenever necessary – also outside normal working hours. Our existence depends on the secure operation of our systems, on which our customers also rely, and as VP employees, we all share this responsibility.

VP at Islands Brygge

VP is located at Islands Brygge, close to the quayside, where modern buildings meet an older, more relaxed and unique quarter of the city. Our head office is located here because this setting challenges and inspires us, and makes us part of Copenhagen's financial centre. Our office is based on modern, flexible solutions and functional design and vibrant colours surround us – the building encourages cooperation across functions, as an attractive location to which to welcome our customers.

To learn more about what makes it exciting to work at VP, visit our website and meet some of our employees, and read their stories.

All vacant positions can be viewed on our website, but since VP is always on the lookout for skilled candidates, you are also very welcome to send us an unsolicited application. We look forward to meeting you.

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Regnskab for VP SECURITIES A/S

Regnskab for VP SECURITIES A/S

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