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With a vision to create the future of dairy, and make healthy, natural dairy products for millions of people around the world, there’s plenty to keep you motivated, challenged and continually developing here at Arla.

We’re the farmer-owned cooperative behind global brands Arla®, Lurpak®, Castello® and Puck®. Our 19,000-strong team of passionate people have helped us become the fourth largest dairy company in the world and the largest producer of organic dairy products.

We’ve got a high performing culture and we have great ambitions. We’ve got a strong strategy for growing our business and one for growing our colleagues too. So, if a dynamic environment where change is an everyday occurrence appeals to you, discover more about our business, immerse yourself in Arla life and see what opportunities we have available.

Read more at our career site.

“For me, it’s about grabbing the future. Here at Arla, there are plenty of opportunities for those who really want to contribute and make a difference.”
- Kasper, HR Business Partner


We are committed to unlocking the highest potential in all our people, and we encourage our ?colleagues to constantly develop themselves by either taking on more responsibility in their pre-sent role or by pursuing new opportunities within the organisation.

We know that to keep growing our business, it is essential to provide an empowering environ-ment that enables both personal and professional growth for all our colleagues. So, regardless of where in your career you join us, we have development opportunities for you.

We strive to stimulate our colleagues all over the world – whether they work in a corporate function or in production – by offering new and exciting opportunities. If you feel that you are ready for it, we will provide the environment for your career to unfold at Arla.


Students and graduates have a very important part to play at Arla.

We value the energy and new ideas you bring, and we are happy to provide the opportunity for them to explore theories in a real-life and practical context, and at the same time give them the chance to build their own personal network.

Regnskab for Arla Foods amba

Regnskab for Arla Foods amba

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