NorSea Denmark

Looking out for the next HERO!

At NorSea Denmark, we are dedicated to HERO; a shared set of values in terms of how we act and behave and how we wish to succeed.

HERO is being Helpful, Enthusiastic, Responsible, and Open, and we see the values as a key guideline in how we interact with clients and partners and collaborate with each other. HERO is a frame of reference throughout the organization.

Are you ready to release the HERO in you, then look no further.

With us, you are teaming up with a company, where collaboration and fruitful working relationships are encouraged and in demand, and where the ‘Best Place to Work’-ambition is absolutely embedded in everything we do at all levels of our organization.

A great place to work is a place where you have transparency, trust, and strong communication. Where promotions are unbiased and career opportunities are equal to all. Where social events help teambuilding and a strong culture.

To kolleger i orange arbejdstøj

Great minds think alike. Different minds create innovation.

We aim to embrace our employees regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, ages, education, and experience. Because when we all have different perspectives, we get the most creative and innovative ideas. Meet some of your future colleagues right here.

While we work as a team, we acknowledge that people are different. You will be encouraged to grow, learn, set your own goals, and not be limited by “that’s how it’s always been done”. From a tailored course to management development and everything in between. We will find what works for you. Learn more on our career page right here.

A bit more about NorSea - a trusted, pioneering partner to the entire energy industry

Since 1974, NorSea Denmark has been operating the largest offshore energy supply base in Denmark, providing innovative, flexible, and safe solutions to the entire offshore energy industry.

As the energy industry embarks on the green transition, we are keen to show low-emission leadership and transform the industry supply chain. By 2025, we want to be the first zero-emission supply base in the world. That is why we remain committed to safety and the principles of LEAN, combining our industry experience and insight as a green transition enabler to shape a safer, smarter and greener supply chain of tomorrow.