Trimco Group

Trimco Group

At Trimco Group Denmark, we want our employees to find joy and motivation at their workplace, doing what they love every day. That is why, from our production to the design team, we have welcomed colleagues driven by passion and desire to make a change through their work, enjoying what they do. Since one-third of our life is spent at work, we strive to provide an environment where our colleagues thrive, are happy, and have the tools needed to grow.

Trimco Group is a leading global supplier of brand identity products for international fashion and sports brands. We provide innovative product designs and production techniques, manage and advise on care label regulations for international markets, and operate world-class logistics centers, all while complying with high ethical standards. We strive to deliver a trouble-free supply chain for all our brand owners to meet market demands for quality, timelines, and sustainability.

As a part of an international company with the HQs in Hong Kong, Trimco Group Denmark shares the mission to provide partnering brands with creative and sustainable brand identification product design, innovative digital solutions, and efficient global production to drive a positive impact throughout their global supply chain.

Together, We Act. Together, We Grow.

With more than 1700 employees worldwide in 21 different locations, we take pride in our international team and aim to empower our colleagues to be at their best by providing an environment where they can thrive and achieve their professional goals. We welcome our colleagues into an open culture with innovation and creativity as innate parts of our identity. Here, diversity of thought is encouraged, and everyone’s unique talents and skills are valued. So, if you want to be part of our team, check out our job vacancies and read more about us here.

Innovation. Responsibility. Teamwork.

Are you on the lookout for a place where you can make a change and see your work valued, where you can take the initiative and meet new opportunities? Then this might be the place for you. Make your ideas heard and your efforts noticed. Every team member plays a crucial role in our company, and we want to make sure that everyone thrives as a part of our global team. Even if we are all in different corners of the world, a strong feeling of belonging unites us as part of the same family.

TOGETHER, we strive to create and maintain an open minded culture, where employees are happy and feel motivated to make an impact, to achieve results and to be the best.

WE ACT loyal and respectful — agile and innovative — passionate and committed — cooperative and responsible.

To each other. To our business. To our customers. To our partners and to our common future.