Cellnex Denmark ApS

In the end of 2020, the telecommunication company HI3G Networks Denmark officially transferred the ownership of its towers, sites, and the belonging passive equipment to the tower infrastructure company Cellnex and from here operating under the brand of Cellnex.

Cellnex Denmark owns more than 1.300 sites all over Denmark consisting of Towers, Poles, Rooftop-installations, Silos, Chimneys, that supports telecommunication operators and technology companies with state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure. In this rapid growing industry Cellnex is eager to expand its site pool and at the same time strengthen the great cooperation with both Landlords, Customers, and Suppliers – or in short – our Partners.

As a responsible partner and entrepreneur in respect of the upcoming 5G upgrades in Denmark, while still aiming to build +500 new sites – all within the next years to come – Cellnex Denmark must be said to be ambitious, competent, agile and efficient.