Novalume Solutions A/S

Novalume Solutions is a Danish innovative Smart City Lighting company that works towards greener and smarter public lighting solutions. Based on our international experience, we have created the Lumintell™ solution allowing our clients to significantly reduce their energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

  • Worldwide installations since 2017: +20 municipalities
  • Business activities in +10 countries with municipalities, ESCOs and distributors
  • Lumintell™ systems have accumulated a total of 1,5 billion running hours Novalume is headquartered just outside of Copenhagen and pursues the expansion of its customer base, markets and scope of services in Scandinavia, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Today Novalume manages several Smart City lighting installations around the globe and has completed the installation of 27,000 streetlights in two municipalities in Chile - with the Lumintell™ solution and Public Wi-Fi network.

To learn more about Novalume solutions and Lumintell™, watch this short video here:

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