Vectrus Services A/S

Vectrus Services

Vectrus Services A/S works at Thule Air Base, Greenland, on a Base Maintenance Contract, providing operations, maintenance, and support of base installations, facilities and services. We work under a contract with the US Air Force represented by the 821st Air Base Group at Thule.

Our main areas of activity include:

Base civil engineering support including facilities maintenance and operations; engineering support; space and energy management; environmental, fire and emergency response; pavement and grounds support for road maintenance, snow removal and river bed management, and non-secure communications supporting internet and other communications systems.

Airfield management including airfield maintenance; transient alert and aircraft servicing including onload and offload of personnel and cargo; fuel services; airfield crash-rescue and emergency services; aerospace ground equipment maintenance and air traffic control and landing equipment maintenance.

Logistics management support including logistics expediter services at McGuire Air Base, New Jersey; seasonal port operations; procurement of supplies and services; Contractor Operated Supply Store (COSS) management, warehousing operations, vehicle fleet management and maintenance and fuels storage, and distribution and maintenance services.

Community services including dining facility management and operations; housing management and janitorial services; fitness center management including bowling and fitness programs; morale, welfare, and recreational services; community theater and library management; photography and numerous hobby and recreational activities including guided All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and hiking tours.

While at Thule:

We strive to provide safe working and living conditions for our employees through a constant focus on work environmental issues as well as on protecting the natural environment surrounding us. We offer courses and education to our employees for their personal and career related development.

We provide a wide range of free-time work also extends to supporting vocational training of Greenlandic youth in our apprenticeship program.

Working in the arctic region of Greenland requires a specific combination of knowledge and skills due the specific mission requirements and extreme weather conditions in this region. Therefore, we endeavor to employ personnel with skills and experience to match the various job functions while meeting the personal and professional skills required for this contract.