Playable ApS

At Leadfamly, we are creating a brand new marketing category: gamification.

We are the world’s leading marketing gamification platform. We provide companies around the world with the best chance to win the battle for their customers’ attention and loyalty. With campaign pages as the end product, gamification as the mechanism, and memorable experiences as the outcome, we ensure that our customers cut through the traditional marketing noise.

We’re playing to win with our clients. And we’re currently doing so with 500+ of Europe’s largest companies in a wide array of verticals by helping their marketers and business leaders create strong business results faster.

Within one year of setting up the company, we had our first 100 customers. One year later, every second someone in the world was playing a Leadfamly game. By December of that year, it had doubled. On our busiest day that year, we saw 1.2 million people playing our games – that’s within just 24hrs.

In one year alone we had 2 billion seconds of gameplay on our platform.

All this interaction and engagement makes our platform one of the highest potential marketing platforms in the world, and we need your skills and expertise in order to achieve our goal of making Gamification Marketing an indispensable part of the marketing stack.