Samplix ApS

Our aspiration 

At Samplix, we aspire to become the leading provider of solutions for PCR-free target enrichment and amplification of single molecules for high fidelity molecular biology research.

Our beginning 

It all began in 2012 with a couple of scientists looking for rare genomic events. They soon discovered, that no tools existed for error- and bias free identification of genomic variants.

Motivated by the challenge, they set out to develop a tool that can enable scientists to reveal the true biological representation where genomic variation is extremely rare and the target region is practically unknown.

The root cause of bias and errors in genomic analyses is often related to the use of PCR and the unintended interaction of DNA molecules during sample handling. Therefore, they decided to develop a workflow based on compartmentalization of single molecules in droplets without the need for PCR amplification.

After 6 years of product development and thorough testing, the fully developed system for droplet-based PCR-free enrichment of genomic regions, named Xdrop™, was commercially introduced in September 2019.

Our focus 

At Samplix, we strive to serve your needs and we will ensure that our ambition will grow along with yours.

We are scientists with many years of laboratory experience. We understand our customers’ desire for a simple workflow that allows for customized experimental setup in every new experiment.