Better food. Brighter future

From Randers to Rostock, and Hörby to Hong Kong, we're creating a more sustainable future for food and our people.

We are a food company owned by Danish farmers, delivering high quality food to customers and consumers around the world. From butchers to business developers and from interns to top management, we are more than 26,000 colleagues working towards a more sustainable future for food. It’s our vision to lower our carbon footprint and become climate neutral by 2050.

Join us on the journey - become part of Danish Crown.

Success is a team effort

Get 26,000 colleagues that cheer for you. We employ skilled butchers as well as unskilled workers in our production, where electricians, blacksmiths and automation technicians ensure a stable operation and solve many other tasks. Among many other groups of employees, we also include production managers, laboratory technicians and white-collar workers, for example within marketing, HR, administration, sales, finance, IT, development and planning.

All of us are working together to create a more sustainable future for food.

We are still on a journey towards a more sustainable future for food. And we need talented people to help us all around the organisation, who can challenge us, push us and find new solutions. We need ambitious people who runs on driving change and questioning status quo.

Danish Crown is a company that takes the responsibility for everyone to feel valued by making all employees heard and seen as equal members of a diverse and inspiring workplace. We look after each other and treat each other with respect.

Take a look at our open positions and write the next chapter for food!