We are Kvadrat

Kvadrat was established in Denmark in 1968 and has deep roots in Scandinavia’s world-famous design tradition. A leader in design innovation, Kvadrat produces high-performing, design textiles, rugs, acoustics and window covering solutions for both commercial and residential interiors. Our products reflect our commitment to colour, quality, simplicity and innovation.

We consistently push the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of textiles. The worlds most accomplished architects, artists, designers, furniture manufacturers and retailers are our clients. Together, we bring warmth, tactility and colour into public buildings and homes.

With almost 900 employees worldwide, Kvadrat is a renowned provider of designer textiles, rugs, acoustic and window covering solutions for both commercial and residential interiors. Based in Ebeltoft since 1968, Kvadrat is deeply rooted in the Danish tradition with a distinctly global outlook.

We are present in more than 35 locations around the world and are always looking for highly skilled and motivated employees across the world to join us.

What do we do?

We consistently push the aesthetic, technological and functional properties of textiles. Our versatile collection reflects our commitment to colour, simplicity and innovation, and we regularly collaborate with some of the world’s best creative thinkers and talents in exploring the use of textiles.

Kvadrat textiles play an important part in commercial, public and residential interiors around the world. Our extensive collection meets the needs of designers and architects in the spaces they create and have been used in such iconic architectural developments as the Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Guangzhou Opera House in China.

Kvadrat’s core business is the design and sales of upholsteries, window coverings, rugs and accessories for the home. The business also includes acoustic panels, roller blinds and the innovative brand Really. We have a controlling share in several production facilities such as Wooltex (United Kingdom) and Gaudium (The Netherlands).

Our mission

Working for Kvadrat A/S

Kvadrat people are empowered.

We give a high degree of responsibility and opportunities to perform both in teams and as individuals. We ensure both professional and personal development, so that we are well-equipped to deal with future demands and tasks.

Growth depends on the right people.

Whatever level employees are at, we strive to instill a strong balance between performance, behaviour and learning.

We want healthy and happy employees.

Working for Kvadrat is working for a company with high ambitions, but it is also a place that values joy and excitement and a healthy work-life balance for all employees. Employees are encouraged to participate in cultural and social activities on a regular basis and we do our best to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Knowledge and development is key.

Learning is a big part of Kvadrat. We believe in constantly developing our company and our employees. The Kvadrat Academy consists of a series of specially developed programs designed to help all our employees learn new skills and improve existing ones.

We believe in conversations.

We strive to achieve our goals through engaging conversation with our employees rather than rules and control, and we aim for an attractive and healthy workplace.

‘We are very good at cooperating in our team and across the organization. Our products are inspiring and exiting to work with. I have also been lucky to spend a year working in our showroom in Oslo’.

Ulla Elisabeth Møller, Purchase coordinator,

has worked at Kvadrat for 13 years.

'I like the fact that Kvadrat is a family business. You are never too far from a decision making. The management are only a few doors away, and there is a lot of trust in people here'.

Flemming Christensen, Director of Procurement, Purchase and Logistics,

has worked at Kvadrat for 24 years.