Dustin A/S

Who is Dustin?

Dustin is a leading online based IT partner in the Nordics and Benelux. We help our customers to stay in the forefront by providing them with the right IT solution at the right time and at the right price. At Dustin, we believe in technology. We know that technology does not create value on its own. It is our 2,400 colleagues who make the true impact.

We work together to provide our customers with the right IT solutions to make their everyday life easier. And we make sure to have fun along the way. Because we believe that happy colleagues will create happy customers. And we know that we are strongest together. That we always win as a team.

Why should you choose Dustin?

There are many reasons why Dustin is a great place to work. We know it is easy to say.
But you really need to experience it.

As you grow, we grow
Being a market leader in constant development means unlimited potential to grow. We always need to keep developing and moving things forward. That is why we encourage everyone to grow and take on new responsibilities. We believe our colleagues are the key reason for our positive development. And we believe our development is what gives you the possibilities to grow.

Be part of an exciting journey
There are many steps to be proud of in our journey. We were the pioneers of our industry becoming one of the first e-commerce players. Today we are a leading onlinebased IT partner in the Nordics and Benelux. But the journey has just begun. Dustin is for everyone who wants to be part of an exciting journey. A journey where we keep things moving. Together.

Let us make a difference. Together!

Make an impact that matters
We want to take responsibility and do things differently. More responsibly. We work hard to improve the reality we all live in, and we make sure our business is sustainable. That is why we have set ambitious sustainability targets for the environment and for society. To support a future for us all. Where we treat everyone equally and respectfully.

Together we win as a team
It is the people and the atmosphere that makes us so special. We show trust in each other, and we know that everyone matters. That we all contribute in each our way. We are helpful and we truly care for each other. We believe that happy colleagues will make happy customers. And we know that we are strongest together. That we always win a team.

You keep us moving. We keep you moving.