OJ Electronics A/S

About Us

For over half a century OJ Electronics has specialised in designing and developing electronic controls for HVAC and underfloor heating systems. With a reliable yet flexible supply chain, we take pride in delivering quality and performance in all our systems. We understand the challenges our customers face and work closely with them to find original solutions. And by channeling our insight we create new opportunities for professionals throughout the industry to provide greater comfort.

"Together with me you can create unique and future-proof solutions in a team that specialises in software and interface development for some of the world’s leading ventilation and heating systems.”


Starting at OJ

We care about giving you the best start in your new job at OJ, which is why we provide you a detailed introduction programme usually the week before you start, so you know who will meet you on the first day and how the first weeks are going to be. Meetings and trainings will be pre-booked and you will meet everyone relevant during your first month or so at OJ.

Furthermore, you are appointed an experienced mentor when you start at OJ. Your mentor supports, introduces and guides you through the informal ways of the organisation - e.g. corporate culture, practical information etc. You will meet regularly with your mentor during the first 3 months of your employment.

Know-how creates

Know-how creates new opportunities - new ways of solving genuine needs. When we innovate, our know-how creates true value for our customers.

At OJ Electronics, innovation is more than just product development. It is a passion for finding creative new ways of meeting your specific needs. Our company is based on the know-how that lies within our employees. Every single one of them. They are the core of our company, which consists of more than 160 passionate professionals who work on improving human comfort and physical environment through electronic solutions.

Improving the climate. Always – through connected electronic solutions

At OJ Electronics you will be an important contributor when it comes to improving the climate for both people and the planet. That is our mission and we go to work every day with the ambition to make it come true.

Every day, our HVAC Controls & Drives and electric floor heating thermostat solutions improve the indoor climate and comfort in thousands of buildings and houses. At the same time, they are saving energy to the benefit of the climate on our planet.

In the past, we manufactured products. Today, OJ Electronics supply connected solutions that are easy to control from everywhere in the world. Our solutions bring improved comfort for our customers and require less maintenance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as we are always looking for candidates who have the know-how and the thirst for development and innovation.

Form and function – combined in elegant high-quality design

Our room thermostats for electric underfloor heating are recognised for their ideal combination of form and function. They are just as easy to install and program as they are pleasing to the eye – and they handle even high-load applications with precise temperature control. However, no matter whether our thermostats are to be integrated in electrical outlets, flush-mounted, or wall-mounted, a thermostat from OJ will always be characterised by quality, reliability and attractive design.

We cover your need for electronic ventilation control 360°

At OJ Electronics, we take a 360° approach to the ventilation business. Yours and ours. This means that you can get everything you need for electronic ventilation control from one supplier. We offer both customer-specified and standard products. And you can be sure that we apply our fifty years of experience in the HVAC business to not only create excellent products, but also maintain full control of every aspect of design, manufacturing, delivery and support.