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MAN Diesel & Turbo

MAN Diesel & Turbo propels the world.
– join us.

We build engines and machines for both stationary and marine application. Some operate on the seven seas, others on land. Our propulsion solutions move commodities and people around the globe. They do so in the most efficient, cost-effective and greenest way possible.

In this way, we keep the global village running. We are among the biggest and best in the world.

We are more than 4200 hands in Denmark. Every day we get new ideas on how to improve things. In cooperation with our 12000 colleagues worldwide, we push the limits, step by step, for what is technically and geographically possible. We are proud of our achievements, and celebrate good results together and cooperate on the difficulties, whether technical challenges or tricky words.

This is enabled through our close cooperation. A software engineer in Singapore and a sales coordinator in Copenhagen may work closer together than a financial controller on the first floor and a technical supervisor on the second floor. Our cross-border and interdisciplinary cooperation is not unique. But it is a fundamental prerequisite for our development to one of the world's major knowledge centres on engine and machine technology.

This was not the case in 1758 when the first company name sign was attached on the door. Year after year since that time, we have further developed our company know-how; from steels, propulsion power and shipping, to energy, safety, and sustainability. And we have only just begun.

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Job videos

Learn more about MAN Diesel & Turbo and meet our employees in our general job video to the right. In the videos underneath you can, furthermore, learn about our different departments.

Meet the employees from our R&D department

Meet the employees in our service center in Fredrikshavn

Meet the employees in our service center in Copenhagen

Meet the employees in the competence center for propellers

Meet the employees in the engineering department in Holeby

Meet the employees in the engineering department in Copenhagen

MAN Diesel

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MAN Diesel & Turbo
Teglholmsgade 41
2450 København SV
Tlf.: +45 33 85 11 00



MAN Diesel & Turbo


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