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ConvaTec is a global MedTech company with more than 9.500 employees represented in more than 100 countries. We have leading market positions in the areas of ‘Advanced Wound Care’, ‘Ostomy Care’, ‘Continence & Critical Care’ and ‘Infusion Care’.

ConvaTec means more than medical devices and solutions. ConvaTec means people that offer meaningful value to this world and the lives we touch. Working at Papyro-Tex, you will contribute to improving the lives of people with chronic conditions all over the world with innovative and high-quality medical devices.

In Papyro-Tex we use our diverse workforce to drive innovation and excellence. We are passionate innovators and makers of life-changing solutions. We know that what we do matters. We know that together we make a positive impact.

Papyro-Tex, part of the ConvaTec group, is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality film for multiple medical products and selected technical applications. The goal is to develop, manufacture and provide solutions with customized soft PVC film as well as multi-layer films. Add value to the business by letting us optimize further processing of the film and enhance the characteristics of the end-application.

Our film is used for multiple medical applications such as urine bags, dialysis bags, infusion bags, nutritional bags, hydro bags, blood bags, ostomy bags and technical products such as tapes and flexible ducting.

Papyro-Tex is located in Herlev.

If you live to push yourself, join us and make an impact.

Do you want to improve the lives of people with chronic conditions?

If you are passionate about the medical device industry and have a strong personal drive to constantly improve yourself and your colleagues by driving innovation, collaboration and a good working environment, then look at our website to see if any of our vacancies could be interesting for you.

For more information visit us at and or follow us at LinkedIn.

Regnskab for ConvaTec, Papyro-Tex A/S

Regnskab for ConvaTec, Papyro-Tex A/S

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ConvaTec, Papyro-Tex A/S
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