Grundfos A/S

Water is the heart and soul of Grundfos

Grundfos moves and transforms water and other liquids via intelligent, sustainable and energy efficient solutions for use in buildings, industries and utilities. We are a family of more than 20,000 employees based in more than 60 countries worldwide. Through our solutions and services, we touch millions and millions of people every day, without most even noticing. And with that comes great responsibility. A responsibility to respect, protect and advance the flow of water for people, businesses and the planet. Because at Grundfos, we believe that every drop contains infinite possibilities, and that water has the power to change the world.

We create possibilities together

Our founder once said that “the world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way.” To this day, that quote shapes who we are. We dare to do things that others do not in order to overcome the complex challenge of advancing water in the most intelligent way.

At Grundfos, you become part of our unique culture where we empower you to make bold moves to unlock new possibilities for innovative solutions and personal development. From day one, you will experience that you are part of a big powerful team. We are shaping the future because we have the right minds, hands and hearts. You can do great things on your own, but together, and with our differences, we can do it smarter, faster and more exciting.

Sustainability is our core

At Grundfos, sustainability is at the core of everything we do and has been since our founding. We can, will, and must play a vital role in solving the world’s water and climate challenges with our solutions. Our purpose is to pioneer solutions to the world's water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people. To drive a significant impact, we have the ambitions of saving energy through smarter and more efficient pump technology and saving water through the development of water efficient and water reuse solutions.