Join a global green energy leader

Transforming the way the world is powered is the biggest thing we can do to fight climate change. Join us at the forefront of the green energy transition.

Over the past decade, Ørsted has transformed from one of Europe’s most fossil fuel-intensive energy companies to being ranked as one of the most sustainable energy companies in the world. This would never have been possible without the knowledge and enthusiasm of our people – Ørsted’s most important asset for future growth.

Ørsted has more than 9,000 employees worldwide, and we’re growing globally. Join us and use your skills to help fight climate change and create a brighter future for generations to come.

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Grow your talent

At Ørsted, each day brings new opportunities for you to unleash your talent and ignite your potential. You’ll work with your leader to learn what it takes to succeed at Ørsted and what resources are at your disposal. Together, we’ll create the best career path for you.

You’re unique, and so is your career. At Ørsted, we offer different opportunities for you to kick-start your career and boost your personal and professional growth. As a trainee, you’ll be part of an agile, two-year programme adjusted to fit your individual career path. Read more about the Ørsted trainee programme on our career page.

The Ørsted Global Graduate Programme

This is a development programme for new graduates who want to step into a fun and challenging role within their field and embark on an intense learning journey. Through our programme, we aim to forge innovative future leaders and specialists who’ll shape Ørsted’s journey to being a true catalyst of systemic change for a greener future.

If this sounds like you, simply apply for one of our graduate positions advertised online. If you’re accepted into the programme, you’ll have the unique opportunity of working in three different teams at Ørsted, giving you the chance to work on several projects to build your experience and knowledge.

Positions for our 2024 programme will go live in November 2023. Find out more on our career page.