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Our purpose at Pfizer is to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. That is truly aspirational, and this can only be achieved if we nurture a strong culture founded on our values and behaviors, as well as stimulate daring and inspirational thinking that enables colleagues to pursue their career goals every day.

We value diversity

At Pfizer Denmark we are 157 colleagues from 13 different countries. We range from early twenties to late sixties, and colleagues have a variety of different professions, from designer to physician. We all work together at our main office in Ballerup, and this diversity creates a unique energy and respect, allowing us to learn from people who are different from ourselves.

We take responsibility for the environment

At Pfizer, we recognize that the environment is a mutual, global responsibility. That is why we work hard to counter climate change. Across the globe, we have wind turbines and solar cells, and we have reduced the usage of plastic and introduced recycling programs. When we produce medicines, we use the chemistry that impacts the environment the least, and we fight to keep medicinal residue out of our waters.


All leaders at Pfizer know that developing their employees is a core task. When you grow, we grow, which is why we take your ambitions as seriously as you do yourself. We offer a wide range of opportunities to develop, for instance, the chance to be stationed abroad, to work with colleagues from other countries on international projects or to join internal educational programs.


We know that our colleagues are our most important resource, and we try to acknowledge this in every way we can. We offer highly competitive compensation packages and benefits including:
  • Flexibility in the workplace; working from office, home and abroad
  • Pension and health insurance
  • Mobile and data package
  • Social gatherings and get-togethers
  • Gym, running and other sports events

We students

At Pfizer, age really is just a number. We value positivity, creativity and drive, and we love to welcome students and contribute to their journey.

Inspire to attract

We depend on our talented colleagues, and one of the best ways to spot them is through student positions. As a student working at Pfizer Denmark, we are open for a potential collaboration around your Master thesis, because we value new perspectives and support the synergy between great learnings from your education and being part of a Pfizer Denmark team.

We also welcome internship.

If you share our vision of improving patients’ lives, you can always send us an application.

Types of positions and how to grow with us:

Student positions

Internship (higher education)


Pfizer Denmark and Pfizer inc.

Pfizer Denmark is part of a bigger Pfizer-family. By working closely across countries and functions, we move towards our shared goal of providing the entire world access to medicines that are safe, effective and affordable.

External global impact

As one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer has the capacity to make a major impact. We do this through our scientific contribution, development of lifesaving medicines and by making a large philanthropic contribution to projects aimed at improving healthcare around the world.

See our open global positions

Regnskab for Pfizer Danmark

Regnskab for Pfizer Danmark

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