TotalEnergies Denmark

TotalEnergies: a company with opportunities in an empowering work environment with international prospects

TotalEnergies is a global company producing and marketing multi-energies: oil and gas, low-carbon energies, electricity and renewables. Our nearly 100,000 employees are committed to energy that is affordable, cleaner, more reliable and accessible.

We operate throughout the energy chain: from production of energies to their transportation, processing into products and their storage and distribution. We also develop carbon neutrality projects, with solutions to enhance energy efficiency and capture and store carbon

“Working offshore means working through trust and consensus with a keen focus on everyone’s well-being; especially because roles are rotational and shared by different people."

- Malene

TotalEnergies offers a unique opportunity to join a global multi-energy company.

As the largest oil and gas operator in Denmark and part of the Danish Underground Consortium, we provide 85% of the oil and 97% of the gas export in the country and make an important contribution to the economy, energy supply and employment.

We are a diverse and multinational team of more than 1,600 people, of which approximately 500 works offshore. The Esbjerg facilities are the heart of our operational activities in the Danish North Sea.

” The role as OIM is very multi-disciplinary and unpredictable. You have to deal with all aspects of production, maintenance, safety, logistics, administration and more all at the same time. And of course, you need to be ready for any situation that may arise and adapt quickly to changing conditions. However, all this is also what makes the work extremely interesting.”

- Malene

Multiple energies and countless prospects.

Start your career with us and join the mission to supply better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner, and accessible to as many people as possible.

At TotalEnergies, we help you take your talent further. We are an international group with activities across the entire energy value chain and can offer you a host of opportunities.

We continuously innovate to produce sustainable and responsible energy solutions. We have high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, and an innovative culture.

Mobility is a fundamental principle of our career management policy. It contributes to your professional and personal development and gives you the opportunity to embark on a new phase of your career or discover new horizons.

“Choose a field that sparks your interest and enthusiasm, and that challenges you to grow and learn. Trust your own judgment and preferences, and don’t let others dictate what you should do. Don’t base your career choice on how much money you can make, but on how much satisfaction and joy you can get from it. Remember that your career is a long-term journey, so make sure it is something that you can envision yourself doing for many years to come.”

- Malene