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Bang & Olufsen A/S
Retail Operations Development Manager

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Join us in this new role to perfect our ways of working with operations, reporting and legal frameworks for our mono-brand retail channel with 500 stores globally

As our new Retail Operations Development Manager, you will join the Distribution Development team in Lyngby, Denmark. Here, you will report to and work closely with the senior manager of distribution development to create the legal framework and governance for our partner stores.

Allowing your manager to focus on strategic projects, you will carry out the day-to-day reporting as well as the legal review of guidelines and agreements with partnership stores.

Essentially, you will play a key role in managing the different operational aspects of the retail network. Moreover, you will be providing the business with an analytical view on the network development and support in designing the company strategy for this channel.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Business minded Factory Director

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

As our new Factory Director, you will join our FACTORY 5 production facility in Struer where we make parts and components both for internal use in iconic Bang & Olufsen products as well as for external customers.

Heading FACTORY 5, you will be responsible for all business aspects of the production site, focusing on developing it into a profitable business unit. In other words, it will be up to you to take FACTORY 5 to the next step of an independence journey, and one of your key focus areas will be to grow the customer base with special attention to external customers. In short, you will:

  • Deliver and execute a strategy and business plan for the production site
  • Establish and significantly grow a new customer base
  • Motivate, engage and develop your management team
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Merchandiser, Multi-brand

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Join us in one of these new, influential roles to help develop the global merchandising function and best practice within Bang & Olufsen. And become our global beacon for product selection in mono- or multi-brand channels, creating a global buying blueprint.

As our new merchandiser/planner, you will join the Merchandising team within our Omni-channel department in Lyngby, Denmark. Here, you will play a key role in the development and implementation of the corporate merchandising strategy through overseeing the merchandising function for the Bang & Olufsen mono-brand or multi-brand network.

You will be key in advising stores on how to get the best performance out of their selected products by ensuring optimal execution of merchandising guidelines and processes in the respective channel. Furthermore, you will:

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Intern for software team

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer og Kgs. Lyngby

Join us to work with in-house technology front runners as you help create unique features for our customers. As an intern in Bang & Olufsen, you get to work in a dynamic Scrum environment as you actively participate in your team’s daily tasks on an equal footing with the rest of the team.

As our new intern, you’ll join 1 of our 4 software teams and work with either generation product platforms, cloud systems or iOS or Android apps.

Which team you’ll be part of depends on your profile, aptitude and wishes, which we’ll explore together in order to discover the perfect fit for you and us.

One thing is certain, whichever team you’ll join, you can look forward to becoming an active member of an agile Scrum set-up. Here, you’ll work with experienced software developers who are eager to share their knowledge with you and help you learn how to deliver production ready code to end users.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Communications & CSR student

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Join us to develop your skill set and put your theoretical knowledge into practical use. As part of Group Communications & CSR, you will collaborate with experienced and dedicated colleagues to shape and drive our CSR efforts as well as work on everything from strategic communication and PR to internal communication and issues management.

As our new student, you will have a say in the tasks you carry out, giving your input as to where you think you can best use your skills. Your tasks will primarily revolve around internal communication, PR and CSR, where you will work hands-on to plan, write and pitch stories. Furthermore, you will do monthly communication reports and statistics, create PowerPoint presentations and handle different ad hoc tasks such as research, proofreading, etc.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Cloud Engineer

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Do you want to drive a new e-commerce platform for one of the best-known luxury brands in the world?

Based in Lyngby, you will help us continue our mission of building a brand new e-commerce platform for Bang & Olufsen. We are a small and fast-paced team of 3 cloud engineers who constantly evolve our methods to create the most innovative, adaptable and productive development environment possible.

Your role will be divided between development and operation on our new cloud-based e-commerce platform. You maintain and develop the back-end and also help build the automation and monitoring tools that will help us deliver a high-quality customer experience. As you do so, you will:

  • Develop and maintain our microservice-based e-commerce back-end
  • Work on integrations between e-commerce and other business areas
  • Implement, optimise and evaluate continuous integration and delivery solutions
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Mechanical lead

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join us to use your mechanical expertise to help create the next iconic Bang and Olufsen product. Here you get to participate in project teams where you in unison with expert colleagues and suppliers, drive the mechanical architecture and design.

You will participate in various NPI project’s as the mechanical lead and expert. Working alongside concept creators, hardware and acoustics specialists you will work to create new and exciting products based on briefs from the business.

And regardless of whether you bring a lot of experience or is at the beginning of your career, you will join a very inspiring environment. Here you will have room to grow and the opportunity to bring your ideas into play.

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Bang & Olufsen A/S
Brand Partnering Intern

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

The Brand Partnering team at Bang & Olufsen exists to manage, identify, and develop strategic brand partnerships. We work with some of the worlds’ top brands, incl. Audi, Ford, Lamborghini, XBOX, and HP, and now we offer an exciting opportunity to join our team in Lyngby.

As our intern, you will support our Client Directors in both day-to-day account management, business development, and partner marketing execution. As such, tasks will include:

  • Desk-research to deliver market insights, analysis, and recommendations on targeted segments/brands
  • Partake in idea-generation and development of pitches and presentations
  • Support the execution of brand activation opportunities across PR, events, social media, and content development
Bang & Olufsen A/S
SAP Consultant

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer or Kgs. Lyngby


Join us to work closely with a broad network of business stakeholders to design solutions across the entire SAP suite. Experience a great level of responsibility where you get the chance to make your mark on and influence our SAP area.

As our new SAP Consultant, you will be able to influence the direction of our SAP ERP landscape across Logistics, Finance and Procurement, as you  engage with stakeholders to collect their requirements.

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Bang & Olufsen A/S
Network Specialist

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby or Struer

Join us to take responsibility for global network, telephony and infrastructure to accelerate your steep learning curve in a challenging environment.

As our new Network Specialist, you will join Group IT at our office in either Struer or Lyngby. Here, you will be responsible for managing the networks across our organisation, thus supporting our business by making sure everything runs seamlessly.

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Bang & Olufsen A/S
CMF Designer

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby or Struer

Join a passionate design team and play a key role in streamlining and managing our overall CMF activities across inline products, collections and special editions. And grab this opportunity to grow your CMF designs skills and apply them to luxury lifestyle Bang & Olufsen audio products.

You will work closely with the team to implement colour, materials and finish across speakers, headphones, earphones as well as TVs. Working with inline products, special editions as well as fashion and interior collections, you will ensure that our products live up to our CMF strategy and the level of quality expected from Bang & Olufsen.

More specifically you will:

  • Work closely with manufacturing teams in Singapore, mainland China and Taiwan to ensure that specifications are understood and delivered according to our quality standards
  • Ensure compliance with our CMF strategy
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Manager, Supply Planning

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer or Lyngby

Would you like to join us to:

  • Influence our ways of working with supply planning in an iconic, innovative company?
  • Manage a group of experienced specialists as you make your mark on our supplier collaboration?
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Bang & Olufsen A/S
Senior Project Manager

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join us to lead product and platform development projects on a global scale. By taking accountability for some of our most complex innovation projects, you will help set the direction for future products, including new digital initiatives.

As our Senior Project Manager, you lead product development projects that encompass both internal departments and external partners who have their own project managers and project teams.

You are joining us in the middle of a transformation phase where we are focused on enhancing the digital user experience through initiatives such as ecosystems and smartphone interaction. By understanding how to bridge hardware and software development processes successfully, you will drive our common product development journey forward.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Senior UX Designer

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Join us to define the future of user experience for some of the best wearable consumer electronics in the world.

As our new Senior UX Designer, you will join the UX Design team in Lyngby. You will be the one figuring out what magical experiences we want to bring to the future users of Bang & Olufsen’s on-the-go products. Our ambition is to build the most desirable audio wearables through seamless connectivity experience and excellent on-product usability. Your tasks will be to:

  • Help shape our long-term UX vision by investigating market trends, new technologies and future consumer needs
  • Turn our vision into tangible UX concepts and develop clear UX guidelines and principles in collaboration with the UX director
  • Participate in fast-paced new product development projects by building prototypes, writing interaction specifications, and driving the final the UX/UI design
Bang & Olufsen A/S
UX Research Intern for Wearables

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join us to work at the intersection of audiology, human factors, UX, and design. As an intern, you’ll use your knowledge and skills to make a real difference for real people as you work together with your team to ensure our wearable products provide delightfully luxurious experiences to users.

Your focus will be on incorporating insights from UX, usability and design into ongoing work with headphones and earphones. Your work will bridge insights from user studies with work being done by multidisciplinary project teams to create delightful interactions with our products, primarily by:

  • Extending our existing methodology for assessing comfort and fit, and running user studies with it
  • Proactively running users studies to help us understand user behaviour and attitudes across contexts of use
  • Making data-driven design recommendations
Bang & Olufsen A/S
UX Research Intern

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join us to help craft sophisticated experiences for our users. As an intern, you’ll use your expertise in life-centered design to make a real difference for real people as you work together with your team.

As our new UX research intern, your focus will be on incorporating insights from UX, usability and design research into ongoing work with our products. Your skills will come into play on a daily basis as you support your UX colleagues and the multidisciplinary project teams we work with.

We imagine you will spend most of the time during your stay conducting user studies to ensure we deliver relevant information to cross-disciplinary colleagues and stakeholders.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
Postdoc in Audio Signal Processing

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join us to develop algorithms for our Interactive Sound Zones for Better Living (ISOBEL) project. Spend the next 24 months exploring your field of expertise putting theory into action while becoming part of a social team.

Our goal is to enable control of reproduced sound in domestic and health care environments. More specifically, our approach is to reproduce specific audio content (e.g. music) in particular spatial regions of a room, referred to as sound zones.

As part of the Acoustics & Research Team, you will join our open office space in Struer starting September 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter. Here you will design and develop real-time control algorithms as well as test and implement them. Doing so, you will work independently as the expert within your field while at the same time staying in close contact with and sharing your research with the rest of the team.

Bang & Olufsen A/S
UX/UI Design Intern

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby

Join our new Customer Experience team to create extraordinary experiences and services for Bang & Olufsen’s customers.

As the customers’ ambassador, we act as a fast-moving SWAT team, assisting departments across Bang & Olufsen with identifying user issues and designing solutions to improve product and service experiences.

In the spring of 2021, you can look forward to joining the team as an equal member for a full semester, bringing your own ideas to the table.

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Bang & Olufsen A/S
Internal Communication Lead

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Struer

Join our Group Communications & CSR team and help us define Bang & Olufsen’s future internal communication strategy, develop channels and support implementation of our strategy across our global organisation.

As our new internal communication manager, you will join our Global Group Communications & CSR team. In our team, you will be tasked to define our future internal communication strategy and ensure that we continue to develop our internal communication platforms, but you will also be responsible for daily tasks such as:

  • Driving our intranet and ensure a constant flow of relevant content
  • Writing articles, making presentations and help to create video content
  • Supporting key internal change projects across our global organisation
Bang & Olufsen A/S
UX Intern

Bang & Olufsen A/S, Kgs. Lyngby or Struer

As an intern, you’ll use your expertise in technology and human-centered design to make a real difference for real people.

As our new UX intern, your focus will be the interface between UX and our technical teams (software, hardware and mechanics). Your technical skills will come into play on a daily basis as you support your UX colleagues and the multidisciplinary project teams we work with. Depending on your interests, you will either support colleagues working on smaller Bluetooth products (headphones and earphones) or Wifi speakers and soundbars, both on a product and platform basis.

We imagine you will spend most of the time during your stay supporting senior UX colleagues to evangelize the voice of the user by:

  • Writing specs and supporting documentation to ensure consistency between product platforms
  • Communicating results and making data-driven recommendations to the project teams