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DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS
Scientist, Biopolymers R&D; Brabrand, DK.

DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS, Brabrand

The Nutrition & Biosciences team is looking for a result-oriented, dynamic scientist with experience in hydrocolloid food additives and microbial fermentation techniques to support product and process development.

In this role, you will plan and execute technical work on R&D projects in the area of bacterial biopolymers. You will work as part of a global team in coordinating and accomplishing specific project objectives. This role involves:

  • Expertise in bacterial fermentation, down stream processing and functional characterization of biopolymers
  • Tactical problem solving
  • Serving as a technical contributor in a multidisciplinary project team.
DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS
External Lecturer - Children with Special Needs

DIS, Copenhagen

Opportunity to teach highly motivated American students in the fields of pedagogy and education.

DIS in Copenhagen is currently hiring a part-time faculty to teach the semester course Children with Special Needs starting in January 2021.


This course considers children with special needs from a critical disability studies perspective. We examine the topics of inclusion, disability, and quality of life within the Danish social welfare system through the lens of Nordic pedagogy. The voices of disabled persons and families are included in class to help understand how their lives are affected by public and educational policies.

Chr. Hansen A/SData Scientist

Chr. Hansen A/S, Hørsholm

You will be a part of Digital R&D, which is a central unit in Chr. Hansen Research & Development (R&D) leading the digital agenda in R&D. We are at the very heart of the digital transformation that will let us drive speed in innovation. The overall aim is to enable scalable science in Chr. Hansen through digital solutions.

As a Data Scientist in Digital R&D you will use your programming skills and understanding of data to develop concrete solutions to support R&D. Your key role is to develop and support data science applications, build solutions based on advanced analytics and help drive the scaling of data science in Chr. Hansen R&D.

As a person, you are passionate about solving the needs of the users and the business by enabling and creating insights based on data.

Chr. Hansen A/S
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD position in Material Appearance Specification and Rendering using the BSSRDF

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

This PhD position is one of 15 early stage researcher positions in an Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

You will be working with predictive rendering, which is a computer graphics research discipline conjoining mathematical modelling, computer science, and physics. In this position, you will therefore

  • Develop mathematical models for macroscopic scattering functions.
  • Implement rendering techniques.
  • Explore practical representation of the appearance of real objects.
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD position in Modelling and Predictive Rendering of Particulate Materials

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

This PhD position is one of 15 early stage researcher positions in an Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

You will be working with predictive rendering, which is a computer graphics research discipline conjoining mathematical modelling, computer science, and physics. In this position, you will therefore

  • Compose mathematical models mapping the interaction of light and microgeometry of materials to optical properties.
  • Implement rendering techniques.
  • Validate models by comparing with photographs of real items.
Unique Human Capital
Principal Scientist

Unique Human Capital recruiting on behalf of Symphogen A/S in Ballerup

A unique opening for a highly skilled principal scientist for Antibody Engineering, Molecular Biology and Drug Discovery.

Symphogen A/S was recently acquired by Servier and has entered an exciting expansion phase as Servier’s Antibody Center of Excellence. As Principal Scientist at Symphogen you will, together with the Antibody Technology team, be responsible for all recombinant single B cell workflows and antibody engineering needed to support the discovery projects.

The main objective for you will be to innovate molecular biology processes for recombinant antibody repertoire cloning and engineering using the human antibody transgenic animals and high throughput single B cell cloning workflows.

Consultant, Innovation Incentives, Copenhagen


Are you a new graduate or do you have several years of experience within R&D and innovation? Are you interested in helping EY’s clients seize public funding opportunities for their innovation projects?

We are now looking for a colleague who is well-formulated, structured and analytical to assist with grant proposals and other R&D incentives. Our new colleague will be eager to help sustain the growth of our practice by bringing in the right entrepreneurial mindset as well as relevant technical, business and grant experience.

As we are a growing team, you will have your own responsibilities and tasks from day one. It is therefore important that you are willing to take ownership and communicate effectively with both clients and colleagues across geographical areas.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Small Polymeric Devices for Oral Drug Delivery

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The aim of the PhD project is to explore and develop new technologies and methods for realizing biocompatible and potentially biodegradable polymer-based devices for oral drug delivery. We have previously worked a lot with so-called micro-containers and will now expand into new designs and new fabrication concepts.

The PhD candidate will be a part of the IDUN research group, led by Prof. Anja Boisen at DTU Department of Health Technology. IDUN is a large research group with over 40 members, that focuses on development of micro and nanotechnology based sensors, detection systems and drug delivery devices.

The PhD student will work in the area of designing and fabricating polymeric devices for drug delivery using scalable technologies.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPostdoc in Molecular Microbiology

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

We are seeking a motivated and ambitious postdoctoral scientist with research experience in molecular microbiology to join our Research group for Gut, Microbes and Health at The National Food Institute (DTU Food). We offer an ambitious, dynamic and sociable research environment with lots of exiting challenges and opportunities.

You will be the new postdoctoral scientist in our group if you like to work in a multi-disciplinary team and are enthusiastic about bacterial genetics. You will be responsible for studying an intricate regulatory mechanism of virulence associated gene expression utilizing state-of-the-art molecular biology tools and fundamental bacterial genetics.

Specifically, the work will include:

  • Basic microbiology and molecular biology techniques such as cloning, cell viability, growth analysis etc.
  • Genetic manipulation of bacterial model system to generate desirable strains
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in supported homogeneous catalysis

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

A PhD fellowship is now available in the Centre for Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry (CSC) at DTU Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark. CSC is applying an application-oriented research strategy and employs currently about 20 PhD students and post docs in an international environment.

You will be engaged in the development of new supported liquid-phase catalyst and reactor systems applicable for large-scale chemicals production.

The position will involve inorganic synthesis, multidisciplinary materials characterization and catalyst system testing in both batch and continuous-flow under elevated pressure.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetMicrobial Strain Engineer

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

Do you want a central role and accelerate your development in our new DNA Foundry team?

If your field of expertise is molecular biology, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering or a related discipline and you are looking for an opportunity to accelerate your learning curve and at the same time make an impact beyond the average, we have the perfect job for you.

You will join DTU Biosustain where we create novel methods and technologies as a foundation for the development of new environmentally friendly products, better and less energy consuming manufacturing processes, new medical treatments, climate friendly farming, etc.

Centrica Energy Trading A/S
Senior Quantitative Algorithm Researcher

Centrica Energy Trading A/S, Aalborg

If you enjoy a fast-paced working environment, while seeing your algorithms go from a first spark to actively trading in a matter of weeks, you might be the Senior Algorithm Researcher we are looking for to join us in the Algorithmic Trading team at Centrica Energy Trading (CET).

Your role as Algorithm Researcher will challenge your creative and technical abilities, working across all aspects of algorithmic trading; from using your research to find the edge we need in the markets, to implementing automated trading strategies in our algorithmic trading framework.

In all our supporting processes, ranging from unit testing to deployment, we prioritize a high degree of automation in a modern CI setting allowing you to focus on applying your quantitative skills in market-facing activities, rather than on tedious operations.

Centrica Energy Trading A/S
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in the fabrication of electrochemical sensors for environmental monitoring

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC – DTU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), invites applicants for a PhD position on the development of advanced electrochemical sensors. DHRTC was established by the Danish Underground Consortium and DTU.

As part of a national strategy on oil and gas, the research centre is an ambitious, targeted effort to improve various aspects of production and recovery of oil and gas from the Danish North Sea within three areas: reduced operating costs, increased extraction and reducing environmental impact.

This position is within the recently initiated program on the abandonment of decommissioned offshore oil and gas fields. The program focuses on ‘robust and cost-effective abandonment for short and long-term environmental protection’.

Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø
Forsker til realtidsmålinger af kemisk arbejdsmiljø

Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø, København

Er du erfaren i måling af ultrafine partikler og støv? Er du stærk i matematisk eksponeringsmodellering og kan du programmere web-baserede værktøjer? Og har du lyst til at engagere dig i arbejdet for et godt og sikkert arbejdsmiljø på danske arbejdspladser? Så har vi en spændende stilling i forskningsgruppen for Fysisk-kemisk karakterisering og eksponeringsvurdering.

De forskningsopgaver du vil arbejde med, vil især omhandle måling af partikler og støv, både på arbejdspladser og ved simulering af arbejde med forskellige produkter i vores laboratorier. Vi anvender en bred vifte af måleinstrumenter baseret på teknikker såsom lysspredning, aerodynamik, mobilitet og elektrisk ladning. Du vil være en central del af vores modelleringskapacitet samt vedligehold og fortsat udvikling af simple til komplekse værktøjer til risikovurdering.

The LEGO Foundation
Evidence Lead

The LEGO Foundation, Billund

Do you want to use your solid research experience to investigate, iterate and advocate learning through play Would you like to put your project and people management skills to work developing our evidence agendas, approaches and capabilities?

As Evidence Lead, you will join our Evidence Function to generate and share evidence that supports the importance and continuous improvement of learning through play implementation among e.g. parents, teachers, professionals, and governments. Supplying high-quality evidence, the Evidence team thus help improve approaches to change attitudes and behaviour towards learning through play.

Working with stakeholders within and without the Lego Foundation to investigate how successful we are and point to key iterations where we are not, you will be responsible for developing evidence approaches.

TelenorResearch Scientist - Analytics and AI

Telenor, Norge

Do you want to build AI solutions and competence for Telenor and Norway?

Telenor Research is Telenor’s corporate unit for research. The Analytics and AI group is responsible for AI research in Telenor and actively involved in the Norwegian Open AI Lab.

We believe AI is one of the fundamental technologies of the 21st century, and our goal is to make Telenor a data-driven company. We do this through solving high impact problems using AI, and by giving strategic advice to decision makers in Telenor. We develop AI methods to create new and better services for our customers both in the Nordics and Asia.

We work across different problem domains such as mobile networks, marketing, customer care, and IoT, with different types of data such as location data, customer data, sensor data and text, and we use state of the art methods such as deep learning and reinforcement learning.

Grønlands Selvstyre
TNI-undervisere søges til Grønlands Handelsskole

Grønlands Selvstyre, Nuuk

Ligger undervisning dit hjerte nær? Og brænder du for at være med til at uddanne Grønlands ungdom? Så er det dig, vi søger.

Niuernermik Ilinniarfik, Nuuk er en velfunderet og dynamisk uddannelsesinstitution, der udbyder en række erhvervsrettede og praktikbaserede uddannelser i tæt samarbejde med virksomheder og offentlige instanser.

Som underviser på grunduddannelserne vil du være med til at undervise og uddanne fremtidens dygtigste kontor- og butiksmedarbejdere. Du bliver en del af teamet på TNI-uddannelserne, og du vil skulle undervise på TNI Flex, TNI Basis og TNI.

Du skal have fokus på elevernes læring og trivsel i undervisningen og samarbejde med dine kollegaer og vejledere omkring elevernes gennemførelse.

Grønlands Selvstyre
Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/SAssociate Director, Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S, Copenhagen

Would you like to be part of a highly competent department responsible for demonstrating the value of our new medicines? Do you thrive in an international environment of great change where you can influence the surroundings? Do you like to work with the challenges of health economics and patient-reported outcomes?

We are looking for a permanent, experienced Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) person with good drive and positive energy to fill the position in the Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research (GHEOR) team, starting as soon as possible.

You will be part of a highly competent team in a stimulating international research environment, where high influence on the working processes can be gained. You can expect to be working according to highest standards of current practice in order to fulfil the company’s need for demonstrating patient and payer value.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S
Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD scholarship in Uncertainty Quantification for Source Localization and Passive Imaging in Random Media

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

DTU Compute’s Section for Scientific Computing invites applications for a 3-year PhD position.

The project is associated with the research initiative CUQI (Computational Uncertainty Quantification for Inverse problems, compute.dtu.dk/english/cuqi) financed by the Villum Foundation, and it is done in collaboration with Université Grenoble Alpes.

The Section for Scientific Computing conducts interdisciplinary research in mathematical modeling, analysis and computation for complex problems in science, engineering and society. The Section's expertise features functional analysis; partial differential equations; matrix computations; inverse problems and imaging; optimization and control; and computational mathematics – with applications in, e.g., tomography, energy systems and engineering design.

Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetPhD Scholarship on Trusted Computing Technologies for Operational Assurance in ICT Supply Chains

Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, Kongens Lyngby

The Cyber Security Section at DTU Compute conducts interdisciplinary research in most aspects of computer and information security, ranging from advanced cryptography and access control mechanisms, for ensuring secrecy and authentication in todays’ communications, to the design, analysis and implementation of novel protection mechanisms for enhanced security, privacy, trustworthiness, and reliability in numerous emerging IoT applications.

Through methods such as applied cryptography, hardware enhanced security, modelling and security analysis of systems, and verification, we are building security into new technology, providing assurance to the user that they are interacting with a trusted platform.

This PhD scholarship is funded by the DataVaults and ASSURED research projects as part of the European Union H2020 programme.