Rate your workplace

Everyone wins with greater job satisfaction. This is why you can now view ratings of companies on Jobindex. Rate your own workplace – and help others find their way to great places to work. They will help you too if you decide to get a new job one day.

How would you rate your workplace?

Share your job satisfaction via jobindex.dk – here you can rate your current or previous workplace.

Spread the word about job satisfaction – and give others insight

You rate your workplace by giving it between 1 and 5 stars within a number of categories:

  • Overall opinion is your overall assessment of your workplace.
  • Management is your assessment of the management and its credibility.
  • Culture and meaningfulness is your assessment of the culture and values at your workplace, as well as whether you find your job meaningful.
  • Career opportunities is your assessment of the opportunities for advancement and to improve your career skills.
  • Recognition is your assessment of whether you are rewarded and recognised for your work.
  • Working environment and work-life balance is your assessment of the working environment and your experience with the work-life balance.
  • Cooperation and relationships is your assessment of your cooperation with coworkers and the sense of community.

You can also make your experience even more visible by including a comment with your rating if you wish. Note that your rating will only be visible if there have been three or more ratings submitted for the workplace.

If you are curious about job satisfaction, check this out

Several thousands of Danish companies have already been rated – and more ratings are coming in every day. Take a look. Remember: to get a full picture of the workplace, it is always best to search for information in several places and to take different, carefully-chosen sources into consideration. This will give you the right starting point to gain just the insight.

Constructive feedback is the right approach

We will not compromise the anonymity of your ratings. Employers will not know that it was you who rated their workplace. We therefore encourage you to write in a good tone of voice – even if you are dissatisfied. Remember that your rating should give other jobseekers insight into your experience at your workplace and provide them with an accurate reflection.

Constructive criticism is welcome; ratings will only be hidden if they contain one or more of the following elements, which are described in our terms:

  • Injurious remarks, e.g. violations of legislation, describing working conditions as a “dictatorship” etc.
  • Coarse language, e.g. “psychopath”, “tyrant”, “cult”, “slave” etc.
  • Information about individual people, e.g. the name of your immediate supervisor.
  • Information that identifies individual people, e.g. mentioning specific incidents that make it easy to identify an individual person or persons.
  • The rating deals with matters other than your employment, e.g. private matters.
  • Statements about wrongful termination, violations of legislation and discrimination cannot go undocumented, and therefore you will be asked to write a new rating if your current rating contains such statements.