Life Is On – when Jobindex turns the power on for candidates to Schneider Electric

A global recruitment system can stem the flow of candidates when a company like Schneider Electric Denmark would like to communicate visually. Jobindex makes graphic communication possible, while at the same time reducing your time-to-hire and growing your candidate pipeline.

The 3 main advantages

Recruiter at Schneider Electric Denmark, Christian Egeberg Rasmussen:

“We receive attention from far more relevant candidates than before—Jobindex helps us reduce our ‘time-to-hire’”.

“We receive praise directly from the candidates about our Feature Ads, which Jobindex copywrites and designs for us. The ads have seriously made a difference in our visual representation and branding”.

“Now it’s easier for us to build up our talent pipeline, as we receive far more attention, understanding and motivation from candidates in the market thanks to our ads”.

Schneider Electric Denmark would like candidates to meet the company’s pay-off - Life Is On - very early on. As soon as they see the job ad, in fact. That desire is hard to match with a global recruitment system unsuitable for local, Danish preferences. With Jobindex, Schneider Electric saw the light again.

Schneider Electric recruiter Christian Egeberg Rasmussen sees Jobindex as a prominent part of their marketing campaign when filling jobs.

“We go out and market our jobs and engage with candidates—and on Jobindex we can give them a positive, visual impression of Schneider”, says Christian.

The graphic design possibilities are another one of the reasons that Schneider sees value in partnering with Jobindex.

“We have a global recruitment system that isn’t the most flexible, and layout is important to us. It paints a picture of Schneider, and we would like candidates to see what our values are right from the start. This can’t be done with just a dull job description with bullet points and no pictures or videos”, Christian says.

A strong message

When the job ad is composed of a strong, well-formulated cliché-free message it benefits the candidates, recruiters and managers. Christian also finds that having experts write the job ads is a big help for all of HR. “None of us are copywriters, so it’s good that they can spice up the job ads for us” , he says.

Feature advertisements, in particular, light up candidates’ eyes.

“Candidates say that the ads stand out from the crowd. That they are a good representation of the job and the company. I reached out to a candidate to whom I’d sent a job ad. She replied: ‘It was well-written. I don’t need to consider whether I’m interested in proceeding. Because I am’. And that is quite a positive experience” , Christian says. He continues:

“What I mean by this is that the job ads are a type of marketing material. The ads shouldn’t appear dull, or we will lose candidates”.

Time to hire reduced

Christian finds that their time-to-hire has been reduced. With some ads—especially feature ads—Schneider Electric is capable of attracting interesting specialist profiles, with some candidates applying on their own initiative because they were impressed with the ad. All of this helps to build up Schneider Electric’s candidate pipeline.

“Jobindex is part of a wider initiative, where the ads support our work”, he concludes.

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