Your recruitment process with Jobindex - From application to employment

A recruitment process via Jobindex normally takes 30-60 days from the job ad is posted online and until a contract is signed.

Your timeline and responsibilities

  • Forwarding your cover letter and CV – please confirm that your application has been successfully sent via the link we sent you (check your junk mail).
  • Await response – at the latest 4 weeks after application deadline.
  • Jobindex’ recruitment consultant may call you for a brief pre-interview.
  • First interview or rejection.
  • Meeting for a personal interview. Advice when preparing for a personal interview.
  • Possibly preparing for a second personal interview, perhaps including completing an online test.
  • Meeting for a second personal interview.
  • Contract and employment.

Jobindex timeline and responsibilities

  • Posting the job ad.
  • Screening applications – we typically read applications once a week.
  • Analysing applications and selecting the most suitable applicants – perhaps calling select applicants.
  • Inviting applicants for a first interview or forwarding rejection letters.

The recruiting agency's timeline and responsibilities

  • Inviting applicants for a first interview or having Jobindex invite applicants. The interview takes place at the recruiting agency – typically with hiring manager and perhaps HR.
  • Forwarding rejection letters or inviting applicants for a second personal interview – you may receive a link for an online test.
  • Preparing contract and forwarding rejection letters after second personal interview.