7 generations of NNIT graduates

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In September 2012, a dozen new NNIT’ers began work in different departments around NNIT as part of the very successful NNIT Graduate Programme. They are the seventh generation of graduates to embark on an 18 month journey passing through 3 NNIT departments.

By Peter Meno Høgh, Jobindex

The NNIT Graduate Programme has been popular whether the surrounding labour market has been red hot or more calm as in the present situation. The reason why is that both NNIT and the graduates benefit immensely from the programme. Graduates build an unparalleled network and gain broad experience much faster than they could possibly do in a traditional position. At the same time, NNIT gets a new generation of NNIT’ers with broad knowledge of the business, a network that transcends divisions and professional areas and an amazing drive.

What NNIT look for in a candidate

Jesper Jørgensen is NNIT’s Graduate Programme Manager and he believes that recent graduates recognize the advantages of the programme and that the competition for a place on the team has become more intense. ”We consider ourselves lucky to receive applications from so many interesting profiles. They usually highlight their relevant student job experience and tell us about where they see themselves in NNIT in the future - for instance as a specialist, consultant or project manager. We are even more impressed with the graduates who tell us about how their personalities match NNIT’s vision and values and our focus on delivering quality solutions to the customers.”

Through the NNIT Graduate Programme, the company supplies NNIT’s strong teams with the next generation of IT experts with advisory mind-sets. That way, both the graduates and the rest of NNIT greatly benefit from the NNIT Graduate Programme.

Determination over doubt

Every year, as the new graduates begin their first position, the previous graduate team continue their careers in different positions they have chosen based on their experiences from 18 months at NNIT. Determination has taken the place of any doubts they might have had about what they wanted to do, and managers are eager to get a hold of the new – but experienced – employees.

More information about the NNIT Graduate Programme can be found by visiting NNIT on Facebook.