Jobindex is Forca’s ‘trusted advisor’ for recruiting

Large and in need of strong specialist profiles – but unknown. This is the reality of Forca’s HR department, but it is not a problem. Because their collaboration with Jobindex over the years has developed into a partnership, where Jobindex is now Forca’s ‘trusted advisor’ within recruiting and advertising.

The 3 main advantages

HR Business Partner at Forca, Michael Roesdahl:

”We find the right candidates. We find them quickly and at a good price”.

“We’ve gone from receiving 10 to 20 underqualified applications to our positions, to receiving around 80 applications that are clearly of a higher quality. It’s thanks to the types of ads we have Jobindex create for us, among other reasons”.

“We treat Jobindex like our trusted advisor that holds us accountable for a number of key aspects of the recruitment process, which we reap great benefits from. Jobindex helps make us greater”.

Forca is not like other companies. Even though Forca is part of half a million Danes’ retirement, this large company that is in need of both higher and lower-level profiles is unknown. It poses a particular challenge to recruiting, and before partnering with Jobindex, Forca often needed greater recruiting initiatives to find certain profiles.

But now things have quietened down for HR and the business. Jobindex supplies candidates that are ready and raring to go for an interview, so Forca does not have to advertise on other mediums. Jobindex meets the need for advertising for positions that Forca expects to be able to attract candidates to. And when it comes to finding somewhat stronger profiles, Forca opts for the SemiSearch solution.

HR Business Partner at Forca, Michael Roesdahl, talks about Jobindex’s journey from supplier to partner:
“Jobindex has developed the business to where it is now; a partnership. Jobindex has become a company that generates value for us. We discuss things with Jobindex, and they come in early on in the process. We choose Jobindex again and again because they generate value”, Michael says.

Forca is particularly fond of SemiSearch. Michael Roesdahl elaborates on the company’s opinion of the service:
“SemiSearch is a quick and efficient service that provides value because Jobindex finds the right candidates for us — candidates who can achieve success together with us” , he says.

Partnership as a journey

Michael Roesdahl points out that Forca’s partnership with Jobindex is the reason that Forca has expanded their awareness of how candidates view the relatively unknown company. According to Michael, the development has taken place in a way that has worked well - for the entire company.

“We’ve been challenged in a good way. Jobindex has been good about giving us a gentle push and asking “how is it going with what you’ve made so far”? And they do so in a way that makes us want to engage in dialogue with them to see things from Jobindex’ point of view”, he says.

There are four reasons why Jobindex has become Forca’s go-to recruitment and advertising provider. It is because Jobindex offers a quick and efficient process, a good price, partnership and trust that are built up and maintained over time and because Jobindex functions as the company’s trusted, internal advisor.

“Our relationship with Jobindex has grown and developed over the course of several years. It has gone from a traditional buyer-supplier relationship where we would place an order and have it fulfilled, to the kind of partnership where they offer up ideas and challenges in a positive way. It has opened our eyes to other ways of doing things”, Michael says.

Understanding job ad tools

Being aware of the tools used in job ads has played a major role in Forca’s self-image — both the tools used in graphic design, as well as the job ad text itself, which Michael has taken a course on.

“Our advertisements have gone from being dull and traditional to being more lively because of our specific use of photos in them, among other things”, he says.

One of the advantages of using Jobindex, according to Michael Roesdahl, is that it allows Forca to scale up their business according to their needs. Sometimes it takes a bit more than just a good job ad with a broad reach, and this is when Forca turns to SemiSearches.

“Jobindex provides us with several forms of leverage and that’s nice. Sometimes we start with a Profile Ad with a CV match and may end with a SemiSearch if we need to do something else. SemiSearch is a quick solution where Jobindex finds candidates that could easily be successful with us at a competitive price. But it’s not the price that’s the driving force. It’s the product. And it quickly and efficiently provides us with the right candidates”, Michael says.

Up to 80 applicants to IT specialist positions

Before partnering with Jobindex, Forca struggled to bring home a number of IT profiles — and even through major recruitment initiatives and search firms, it was virtually impossible to bring in candidates.

“IT and back-end developers, IT support specialists and the like — we’ve had a succession of these openings in the last year. Before, it was hard to get applicants to these positions, but now we’re getting as many as 80” , Michael says.

When Forca expects to be able to attract candidates by traditional means, the company uses Jobindex to advertise their open positions.

Jobindex is the place where we reach the most candidates

We chose Jobindex back in the day, and we still go with Jobindex because it’s where we reach the most profiles. We don’t have as wide of a reach with other sites, and for us it’s about hitting the target market that has the majority of the people we need”, Michael says.

Now the whole business is secure

As with most other organisations, when a manager needs to hire a new employee, it should happen as quickly as possible. Michael Roesdahl explains that when a manager needs to bring in a new employee, it needs to happen asap, preferably yesterday.

He goes on to talk about the first time Forca tried a SemiSearch.

“We held our breath the first time — the manager asked why we didn’t use it instead of a pricey recruitment agency. Because those of us in HR saw the difference, and if the rest of the business couldn’t see it, then it wouldn’t matter. But now they feel that they’re in safe hands with Jobindex”, he concludes.

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