Inussuk A/S


Inussuk is a Greenlandic company, headquartered in Nuuk. Established through a partnership between Permagreen Grønland and Vectrus Services, the company is strategically positioned to provide integrated base operations and create positive ripple effects for the greater Greenlandic economy. We are also committed to bettering our community through a mix of workforce development programs, transformative investment, and cultural exchange.

people at inussuk stone


Headquartered in Nuuk, Inussuk provides comprehensive quality of life, transportation, medical and housing services to our guardians, airmen, soldiers, sailors, and scientists so they can perform their jobs safely and effectively. Through our comprehensive base operations support, we are proud to serve this critical regional security asset and essential pillar for the protection of the U.S. and its allies.

Inussuk is focused on its “Greenland First” initiative, providing services to local residents, enjoying cultural exchange, and building the local talent pool for rich employment opportunities. This initiative prioritizes the development of a skilled technical Greenlandic workforce through corporate investments in Greenlandic labor union relations, recruitment, trade school partnerships, training, and employment. Its benefits extend further into the Greenlandic business community through its emphasis on Greenlandic companies for subcontracted services and purchasing materials and supplies from local vendors.


Inussuk was established through a strategic partnership between Permagreen Grønland and Vectrus Services to better serve the Greenlandic people and put the current and future needs of Greenland’s community and workforce first. Permagreen Grønland and Vectrus Services have long been pillars of Greenlandic society, with expertise in the project management, construction, facility operations and maintenance, and integrated logistics and supply chain functions necessary for Greenland’s sustained economic development.