Welcome to FOSS

FOSS is a world leading company in the field of end-to-end solutions that secure and improve food quality and minimizes waste. Our analysis instruments refine measurements into information management that enables businesses to run intelligent data-driven productions with less waste and bigger yields.

”When people ask me what I do for a living, I usually say that I work on making food production more intelligent. Smart analytics is a valuable tool in getting the most and best out of our planet’s limited resources.”
– Marie Lundberg, food scientist

FOSS was founded 65 years ago as a family-owned company, and it remains so to this day. We are a global company with over 1.600 people worldwide of more than 45 different nationalities. Since the beginning, 3 core values have guided FOSS:

First, because being at the forefront of innovation is its own motivation and reward. Customer, because the need of our customers guides everything that we strive to do. People and knowledge, because without the expertise of the brilliant people at FOSS, none of what we do would every be possible.

Innovation as one of our foundational values

Working at FOSS, you are bound to hear the term ‘playground for innovation’. This is not just a catchy phrase that gets thrown around, it is one of the core values of the company. Our scope is not set solely on the next quarterly report – we are planning far into the future. That is why we have decided to reinvest 10% of the revenue every year into Research and Development, so we can make sure that we continue to innovate the tools used in the creation of future food solutions – we want to be first and we invest to make it happen.

”The breakfast we eat today may not be the same as the breakfast we will eat in the future. More people on this planet means that the food industries need to come up with new foods and new solutions. I want to be a part of those solutions.”
– Marie Lundberg

Something greater, something greener

A company on a mission. That is how we see ourselves. All the hard work we do, all those innovative solutions that benefit our customers, it all fits into our mission statement:

“We work for a sustainable use of nature’s resources, and for a future full of healthy and nutritious food, all over the World.”
– Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO

Food production will have to grow immensely in the coming years, to keep up with growing populations all over the world - a 60% increase in production by 2050, to be exact. This will inevitably put a strain on Earth’s natural resources. It is our mission to make sure that our customers, food and agriculture companies around the world, can meet this higher demand without sacrificing the sustainability:

“Our mission is to help food and agriculture companies around the world run a financially and ethically sustainable business. We help them optimize the use of the planet’s natural resources.”
says Kim Vejlby Hansen, CEO

Cross-functionality is our recipe for success

When developing our analytical tools, we refrain from working in silos, with everyone narrow-mindedly tending to their own business. We get the best results when combining knowledge and competencies from various disciplines. And we have an abundance of both.

There are over 130 MScs and over 60 PhDs working at FOSS, from a variety of backgrounds such as bioengineering, physical- and analytical chemistry, food science, physics, nanotechnology, and many, many more. Whatever field you are working in, you will be working with the brightest minds available.

Room to grow at FOSS

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds – the strongest asset at FOSS, by far, is our employees. The collective pool of knowledge and experience that they represent is astonishing. But that does not mean there is not room for improvement.

At FOSS, we pride ourselves on recognizing and realizing the potential in our employees. If you have the abilities and the ambition, we will make the resources available to help you reach your goals – when you get better, so do all of us.