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About FMC Agricultural Solutions

FMC Agricultural Solutions is the fifth largest Agricultural Technology company in the world. Our purpose is to be a leading provider of innovative crop protection technologies that help feed diverse populations seeking a nutritious, sustainable food supply. Globally we employ around 6.500 employees and have 23 Research & Development sites, and 26 manufacturing sites.

Our sites in Denmark

In Hørsholm you will find our new European Innovation Center (EIC) with a Research & Development organization focusing on developing new biological crop protection products as a complement to our conventional product offerings. Our Plant Health focus is an important area of future growth for FMC going forward.

The EIC also serves as the regional headquarters for our Europe, Middle-east and Africa business. The center houses people within sales, marketing, supply chain, procurement, finance, HR etc. In total we are 160 employees with more than 28 different nationalities employed in Hørsholm.

In Rønland, located close to Lemvig we have the largest manufacturing site across the entire FMC network, where we produce plant protection products and a number of fine chemicals for industrial use. The manufacturing site employs around 500 people including engineers, scientists, technicians, administrative staff and operators, all focused on continually improving our chemical production processes.

FMC is the proud receiver of the “2018 Foreign Company of the Year Award” by American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark

Meet your new colleagues

Order Management Coordinator

"For me, it is important to work at a place where the management have trust in their employees and give you flexibility, and this is really the case at FMC. The team spirit within the company is fantastic too: we are more like friends than colleagues, and with its international culture it is so easy to fit in and be exactly who you are. I love working at FMC because of its professional and family-oriented environment."

Operations Lead

"FMC is an exciting workplace with many challenges and good colleagues. I have gained insight into the work of other departments as I have many internal points of contacts, which I find motivating and inspiring.

Emphasis is placed on personal development and providing career and development opportunities for the employees."

Research Scientist

"It feels great to be at the heart of innovation in the fascinating field of Plant Biologicals. Basic research, innovation and application are harmonically blended in a multinational and multidisciplinary environment that offers endless possibilities to blossom. People is the core of the company and there is a lot of belief in the individual. Work environment is full of stimuli and there is always an exciting project to jump in and express your creativity."

A great place to work

We have a strong culture of agility and accountability and our success is built on our top talent. See what makes it such a special place to work:

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Regnskab for FMC Corporation

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