Terms and conditions for Companies (Valid from March 11th 2020)

General terms and conditions

Quotations and prices

Collaboration agreements and quotations for volume purchases are done against the backdrop of the going Jobindex price list. All promotions are excluding VAT and are only valid upon written acceptance within 14 days of the date of the quotation. Quotations that are not accepted by the latest 14 days after dispatch will expire, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Collaboration agreements expire by the latest 12 months after the agreement date of and unused products, as a rule, are not refundable. Framework agreements, based on estimated usage of job ads looking12 months ahead, can be concluded in special cases. At the end of the period, unused job ads may be invoiced in arrears, up to the estimated amount. Products purchased for 12 months at a time cannot be interrupted during the period, and any possible discontinuation of using the products does not constitute a refund or a proportionate repayment. Jobindex reserves the right, however, in special cases to terminate collaboration agreements or ads before the time by paying back a proportion of the amount.

Payment terms

The normal credit period for job ads and annual agreements is net cash, 30 days from the date of invoice. By exceeding the due date Jobindex reserves the right to charge a reminder fee and calculate an interest rate of 1.5 % per month.

Jobindex's ownership and the Customer's right of use

Jobindex has the complete copyright, marketable title and all other rights to its products, including the right to personal data and other data that is collected and stored in connection with the product. Jobindex thus owns and is the data controller for the personal data processed in connection with the products.

You/your company have/has the right to use Jobindex's products to the extent and as per the terms agreed between the Parties, including the right to access the relevant personal information. You will act as an independent data controller of the personal information collected by Jobindex of you/your company.

Upon disclosure to you, Jobindex keeps and processes the disclosed data and personal data relating to the products. Jobindex thus retains the ownership of data relating to the products and remains an independent data controller for personal information which Jobindex processes in related to the products.

Job Announcements

Only advertisements offering vacancies are listed in Jobindex. All ads must comply with the laws and regulations applicable to job vacancies. All advertisements are placed in the categories and geographical areas that Jobindex considers relevant, based on the text of the job advertisement. All ads are also placed in accordance with the principle that there must only be one job per advert.

Jobindex reserves the right to refuse the inclusion of ads that are contrary to applicable laws and regulations, or to the interests of the user or Jobindex. Jobindex assumes no liability for displaying ads that are in violation of the law. Ads for positions that require capital injections or are 100% commissioned, are only included in the job category for franchise positions.


A profile ad is handled on the same business day, if the Advertising Department receives the ad before 2 pm. For other products, see the description in the product information.

The advertising period

The advertisement will be online until the application deadline - but, however, only for a maximum of four weeks from the date the ad is posted online. Further information about the products can be found under the product descriptions, which can be found here.

Profile Ad, Profile Ad with CV match and guaranteed reposting, and Permanent Profile Ad

Profile Ads are placed on jobindex.dk in the categories and geographical areas that Jobindex considers relevant, based on the text of the job advertisement. The size of the job advertisement itself is unlimited, with a max. appetiser size of 1,000 characters or approx. 15 lines.

For a Profile Ad with CV match and guaranteed reposting, we give a reposting guarantee of an additional 8 weeks, if the appointment of the first candidate does not take place within the first 4 weeks, so the Profile Ad can remain online for up to 12 weeks from the start date.

A Permanent Profile Ad is moved up in terms of category each month. Minor corrections can be made, such as spelling, revamping the same message or changing the contact person/s.

Scanning agreement

Jobindex monitors your website daily and ensures that new job ads that are activated on the site also get exposure on jobindex.dk. Furthermore, you get a designated ad consultant who ensures a high quality in setting up your Profile Ads.

Your ad will be online on jobindex.dk up until the application deadline or until the ad is removed from your website – but for no longer than the number of weeks specified in your agreement with Jobindex. Specifically, this means that your ad is either removed from jobindex.dk or automatically re-posted, depending on your agreement with Jobindex.

Please note that if you make major changes to your website, for example changing the URL or moving the website, it is your responsibility to inform your contact person at Jobindex, so we can update our system.


Complaints must be made no later than one week after the ad’s first display date.

Invoicing complaints must be made immediately after having received the invoice.

Any errors or shortcomings of the ad, which are not due to the error of the advertiser or their advertising agency, will, as per Jobindex’s discretion, be repaid by the additional exposure of the ad. Only in exceptional cases will a portion of the invoiced amount be refunded. A refund can never exceed the amount invoiced for the advertisement.

Jobindex's rights

Jobindex reserves the right to change a commissioned advert design or a job advertisement should technical considerations requires it or the job advertisement does not comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

Jobindex is entitled, but not obliged to publish adverts in other media or to distribute adverts to third parties for publication elsewhere. To this end, Jobindex cooperates with third parties and partner sites, without requesting prior consent from the client. Jobindex can submit a list of collaborating media partners, if requested.

Job advertisement archive

Jobindex saves a copy of all published ads in a job advertisement archive. This also applies to the ads that are made available via a link to the job advertisement on your/your company's website.

Here you can read more about the information the adverts contain, the reason for storing it, and what to do if you wish to have the information removed.

Jobindex cooperates with Damvad Analytics, HBS Economics and the Danish Ministry of Employment, who we provide with a copy of our job ad data. Our partners use this data for analytical and statistical purposes, and we want to inform you that a copy of your data is stored with our partners, who are independent data controllers.

Do-it-yourself ads

It costs DKK 995 excl. VAT to place a do-it-yourself ad with Jobindex.

For private individuals as well as for recreational jobs for young people under the age of 18 it is free to advertise.

The job ad comes without a logo, with a link going straight to the complete job advertisement and will be placed after all Profile Ads.

Do-it-yourself ads are displayed on Jobindex for three weeks and are thereafter automatically deleted.

Robot scanning agreement

For regular businesses, it is free to get the company's job page scanned by Jobindex.

Temporary employment and recruitment agencies with their own job website may purchase a robot scanning agreement with Jobindex.

The job ad comes without a logo, with a link going straight to the complete job advertisement and will be placed after all Profile Ads.

Robot ads are displayed on Jobindex for three weeks and are thereafter automatically deleted.

A robot scan agreement is fully automated, and Jobindex does not warrant technical errors. The service shall be provided only to a limited extent.

Jobindex QuickApply

Jobindex QuickApply is a free online application system that can be used when you have a Profile Ad or a Profile Ad with a CV match, which is located on a subpage at jobindex.dk.

Jobindex QuickApply is activated when the Profile Ad is posted online. Access to applicants in QuickApply expires 90 days after the application deadline. There is the option of reopening within 90 days after the access to applicants in QuickApply has been closed, and then for a maximum of 10 working days.

QuickApply cannot be used on anonymous ads, ie on ads where no workplace name or name of the company in charge of the recruitment is provided.

The application system contains personal information that is to be treated as strictly confidential. You commit to comply with applicable laws and regulations on data protection and conditions of employment relationships, including the Act regarding the Prohibition of Discrimination Act. In general, you should not collect and store sensitive information using the system.

Any obligation to register or obtain approval from public authorities for the purpose of collecting and monitoring personal data must be met at your/your company’s expense.

Jobindex reserves the right to contact the applicants which you/your company does not appoint, with job offers from other companies.

Advertisement Courses

Course enrolment for Jobindex’s open advertisement courses is binding. If you unsubscribe or cancel your registration, you will be charged the full registration fee.

If you/your company reschedule/s or cancel/s a tailor-made course (e.g. due to lack of enrolment), you must inform Jobindex within 15 working days prior to the agreed course date. If not, you will be charged the full course fee.

Searching in the CV database

When you have a Profile Ad on jobindex.dk, you can contact and hire candidates through Jobindex's CV database for the tasks advertised in the Profile Ad.


  • For tasks that are not advertised as a Profile Ad, the price is DKK 2,995 excl. VAT per appointment of a person found through the CV database.
  • Temporary employment agencies and recruitment agencies can contact and recruit candidates through Jobindex's the CV database for DKK 100 excl. VAT per contact and DKK 2,995 excl. VAT per appointment.
  • For jobs that are 100% commissioned or require capital injections, the price is also DKK 100 excl. VAT per contact plus DKK 2,995 excl. VAT for each person where the contact leads to a business-based relationship.

The above prices apply if the company has not signed a subscription agreement with Jobindex regarding the use of the CV database.

You are agreeable to the fact that Jobindex registers which candidates you contact through the CV database and that Jobindex has access to read all emails sent via the CV database. You also undertake to contact Jobindex if you find a person in the CV database that you end up appointing.

All correspondence to persons in the CV database must be based on real and concrete job opportunities. Requests for registration of CV's in other CV databases are not accepted.

If you conduct searches in and requests from the CV database: Requests cannot be revoked and Jobindex can not be held liable for incorrect entries and for requests made by yourself. Jobindex does not warranty the correctness of the candidate's data, and Jobindex cannot be held liable for the fact that the enquiry does not result in a recruitment.

Jobindex's CV database contains personal information and other data that must be treated as strictly confidential. Even though the CV's in the CV database are anonymous, it may still happen one is able to recognise a person. It might occur that, for example, one comes to know that a colleague or subordinate is looking for another job. You commit to, under no circumstances, use or misuse such information in a manner which can be to the detriment of the person concerned.



Concerning SemiSearch, Jobindex has exclusive rights to the assignment from the time of your approval of the offer up to and including 30 working days from the publication of the job ad on jobindex.dk. In other words, all candidates (including candidates from your own as well as other networks, job sites, recruitment partners, etc.) are included in the Jobindex application pool, and employment is charged with an employment fee of DKK 25,000 excl. VAT.

If you hire an internal candidate (i.e. a candidate who is already employed by your company or group), Jobindex will charge a fee of DKK 10,000 excl. VAT. We will also charge a fee of DKK 10,000, excl. VAT if you choose to cancel the SemiSearch during the period of exclusivity.

If you hire a candidate from the application pool up to 90 days after Jobindex’s system is closed to applicants, you will be charged with an employment fee of DKK 25,000 excl. VAT.

If you change the profile requirements during the process so that it requires new text in the job ad, you will be charged with a new SemiSearch start-up fee.

If, after the last enquiry for an ongoing SemiSearch, you have not given Jobindex feedback on the status of the process within 10 working days, Jobindex will consider the SemiSearch complete and issue an employment fee of DKK 25,000 excl. VAT. The deadline of 10 working days may be waived by agreement with Jobindex.

SemiSearch Anonymous

Regarding anonymous recruitments, Jobindex must not show candidates to you/your company, until you are known to the candidates: cf. the personal data regulations. Thus, in regard to anonymous recruitments, Jobindex must have an acceptance from the candidates that they will still be part of the recruitment after the identity of you/your company is revealed to them, before we can show the candidates to you.

SemiSearch IT positions

The terms and conditions for SemiSearch for IT positions are the same as those for SemiSearch. However, in addition to advertising on jobindex.dk, the job is also advertised on it-jobbank.dk and computerworld.dk, just as Jobindex’s recruitment consultants search for, and contact the most relevant candidates in the CV databases of both Jobindex and it-jobbank.

SemiSearch Management Positions

Terms and conditions for SemiSearch Management Positions correspond to those on SemiSearch. However, in addition to advertising on jobindex.dk, the job is also advertised on stepstone.dk

Purchase of pipeline candidates

If the opportunity presents itself, Jobindex can (based on the candidate’s consent, cf. applicable rules) pass on contact information and any documents, even if you do not have an ongoing recruitment. However, as a client, you must be, or must be configured as a company user, since you gain access to the candidate via the Jobindex online application system. Access is valid for 10 working days.

If the candidate/s shown is/are of interest to you, and the interest leads to employment within 90 days after the recruitment has been closed in the Jobindex system, Jobindex takes an employment fee equivalent to what we take on SemiSearch per appointed candidate. We also reserve the right, by agreement, to charge the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to our work.

Candidate Administration

Candidate Administration is a purchase for a Profile ad or a Profile ad with CV-Match and which follows the posting terms for these.

If there needs to be a contact person in the ad, you (Manager/HR) must appear in the ad. In that case, the Jobindex recruitment consultant also appears in the ad, but solely for the purpose of answering questions about the application process and system.

Candidate Administration is an administrative service, which proceeds no further than the first appointment, unless the appointment of more candidates has been agreed.

It is possible to restart a completed process, if a hired candidate drops out or a temporary appointment stoppage is terminated, thereby maybe utilising a remaining advertising period, as long as it includes the same ad, profile and screening criteria. Re-insertion does not result in a new CV Match or other active measure aimed at the market segment.


When you purchase a RecruiterMatch, you consent to an employee from Jobindex's recruitment department logging in as you and performing a specific match on behalf of a specific business user. That is, Jobindex employees log in with your contact information and act like you on your behalf.

Access to applicants

If you collaborate with Jobindex on a recruitment, you can access applicants within 90 days after applications close in the Jobindex system, and then for a maximum of 10 working days. After day 90, Jobindex is not able to make applicants visible. If we reopen access to applicant, we reserve the right, by agreement, to charge the number of hours that corresponds to our work. The hiring of applicants entails an employment fee, which corresponds to the agreed price of the product you purchased: e.g. DKK 25,000 excl. VAT on a SemiSearch. We also reserve the right, by agreement, to charge the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to our work.

Visual products

Production of Video and Photo Material

When Jobindex produces video or photo material, you/your company is responsible for making sure that the image material in the approved product may be used and is in compliance with the applicable rules, including personal data rules. It is also your/your company’s responsibility to notify Jobindex if any consent to video or photo material is withdrawn, so that we can take down any products. Once you have approved and received finished video/photo material, you own all rights to the images.

Pictorial material for visual products

If it has not been submitted, Jobindex reserves the right to find pictorial material on your/your company’s website for setting up visual products.

Whether you submit the material yourself, or whether Jobindex finds it on your website, you/your company are/is responsible for ensuring that the pictorial material in the approved visual product may be used and is in accordance with the applicable regulations, including personal data regulations. It is also you/your company’s responsibility to inform Jobindex if a consent to use pictorial material gets withdrawn. (Here you will find more information about our visual products).

Videos, photos, company profile and employer branding

Unless otherwise agreed, when it comes to all video, photo and employer branding products, only the first two proofs/corrections are free for you/your company. In other words, for all corrections in addition to the first two, Jobindex reserves the right to invoice the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to Jobindex’s work.

Jobindex does not provide raw material, but only the number of processed photos included in the agreement – or the video material that has been agreed upon with the client. In other words, when Jobindex sends out a photographer, unless otherwise agreed, the client receives 5 finished photos. The only exception is photos for our ad layout and feature ad products, in which the client can receive solely the photos, which Jobindex uses in the final feature story advertisement. Extra photos can be purchased by agreement at a price of DKK 750 excl. VAT per photo.

It is up to you/your company to check whether you have special rules regarding photos, permissions and the like. Jobindex accepts no responsibility for material that is in violation of applicable rules, internal or external, including the regulations on personal data (you will find further information about our visual products here).

Feature Ad products

When Jobindex visits you/your company to design a visual job advertisement, the visit lasts one and a half hours, unless otherwise agreed. The job advertisement must always be aimed at a specific job, and prior to Jobindex’s visit it is essential for you/your company to find the employees to be interviewed and photographed, as well as the manager or HR person who is the contact person for the advertisement.

If the visit drags on due to a lack of preparation on your/your company’s part, Jobindex reserves the right to charge the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to Jobindex’s work. The actual product includes two free proofreadings/corrections, after which Jobindex charges the number of hours at the rate of DKK 1,000 excl. VAT, which corresponds to Jobindex’s work. Publishing the ad on Jobindex is not included in the price.

In accordance with an agreement with you/your company regarding the purchase of visual products, Jobindex processes the personal data needed for the delivery of the product. The processing is done with the aim of producing video and photo material in accordance with the purchase agreement entered into.

Information about employees at your company is processed. The information includes photos, video footage and in some cases also name and job title.

The raw material is stored for 2 years after delivery of the finished material. You can request the raw material be deleted at any time and this must be done in writing to specialannoncer@jobindex.dk. Once the raw material is deleted, no additional imagery or corrections of the finished material can be purchased.

The material is stored in Jobindex's systems, which is offered by Jobindex A/S.

Ratings of your company as a workplace

Jobindex allows users that have a profile to rate their current and former workplaces by giving them 1 to 5 stars, and they also have the option of elaborating on matters relevant to their employment. Ratings will automatically appear on your Company Profile.

Get notified when your company is rated

You can get an email sent straight to your inbox when you receive a new review on your Company Profile. By monitoring your reviews, you can gain valuable insight into how your company is perceived as a workplace, which is something you can work with further.

If you would like to register, log in and go to Your customer page, check the box next to “Receive emails regarding company ratings” and click “Save”.

Commenting on ratings

If you have company login credentials on Jobindex that are linked to your company, you will have the ability to comment on ratings on behalf of your company — whether it be to clarify matters on behalf of the company or simply to comment on the rating.

If you or someone else from your company does not yet have access to the comment function, you can get in touch with your contact at Jobindex and get set up.

We encourage everyone to communicate and keep good form; comments that violate our terms or applicable laws will be removed.

Ratings and GAIS

You can complement your ratings with GAIS. In Danish, GAIS stands for Good Job Satisfaction Index Score and is a tool to measure the job satisfaction among your employees. Jobindex is a GAIS partner and you can therefore implement your GAIS results in your Jobindex ratings.

Complement your ratings with GAIS

After examining your employees’ job satisfaction, you can voluntarily choose to share your overall results from GAIS and implement them in your ratings on Jobindex. The ratings can be found on your Company Profile on Jobindex.

In this way, an up-to-date job satisfaction survey will be displayed where job seeking candidates read current and former employees’ ratings of your company.

If you wish to share your results with us, and implement them at your Company Profile, please reach out to your usual contact person at Jobindex. He/she will then initiate the necessary process.

You can measure with GAIS as often as you want – and choose whether you want to share the results every time.

Which GAIS data does Jobindex register and handle?

When you share your GAIS results with Jobindex we get access to your overall results, i.e. the number of respondents, your overall score and the individual category scores.

GAIS categories:
    1. Meaning
    2. Colleagues
    3. Results
    4. Mastery
    5. Management
    6. Balance
    7. Co-decision

Jobindex does not get access to other more detailed data from the survey.

If you want to revoke your consent – and no longer have visible GAIS data on your Company Profile – please contact us at support@jobindex.dk

Removal of ratings

If your company is rated and you doubt the credibility of the rating, you can bring this to our attention by reporting the review. Click the “Report” button.

In such cases, we will ask the user to submit additional information about their employment arrangement within a given deadline. Such information might be, for example, the term of their employment and the name of their department or immediate supervisor. If the user does not submit the information within the deadline, the rating will be removed.

It is up to Jobindex to determine whether the submitted documentation validates the employment arrangement. Such documentation will not be disclosed to you or the company so as not to compromise the user's anonymity and for the sake of handling the personal data that is in our possession with care.

If the user decides to remove their rating, or if Jobindex decides to do so due to violation of our terms, for example, any of your comments will automatically be removed as well.

Our ratings are quality assured manually before they are published. In some cases, Jobindex removes ratings prior to publication if they violate our terms and conditions or applicable law, including if the rating includes specific salaries.

As the CEO, a major shareholder or a founder of a company, you are expected to take responsibility for decisions made according to the company brand. Therefore, ratings will not be removed if it refers to the CEO, main shareholder or founder of the company. If other personal information is provided, such as phone number, email address or credit card information, the rating will be removed.

Weighting of ratings

Jobindex’ ratings consist of new ratings that come from the new rating function as well as older ratings completed by Jobindex and its partners, e.g. the Job Satisfaction Test and GAIS. These ratings will be given weight in consideration of the type and age of the rating, which is why older ratings, for example, will be afforded less weight in the overall rating score.

Read more about data sources and weighting here.

Fake ratings

We consider fake ratings to be in violation of our terms. Ratings that we find to be falsified, fake or similar in nature will be reported or removed and may lead us to immediately block the user from writing ratings for workplaces in the future.

If you suspect that a rating is fake, we encourage you to bring it to our attention. We take all reports of ratings that are presumed fake very seriously and will investigate them. As this is not an easy task, we ask that you submit as much evidence as possible to support your belief that the rating is fake.

Opting out of Jobindex’ ratings

If you do not wish for your company’s ratings to be visible, you can ask us to hide the ratings on your Company Profile at any time. It is not, however, possible to hide individual ratings.

If you no longer wish for your ratings to be visible, please contact evaluering@jobindex.dk or call us at +45 72 45 90 59.

General information about personal data

Personal Data and User Profiles For Companies

To log in to Jobindex, you must have a user profile – what we at Jobindex call a ‘business user’. In order for us to set up a business user, we need at the least an email address. In addition, we can add a name, company name and telephone number to your business user, if you provide them.

You must be registered as a business user in order to receive ad statistics – what we at Jobindex refer to as ‘job reports’. You must also have a business user in order to access and use the Jobindex CV database, place ads with Jobindex, use Jobindex QuickApply or sign up for a job page for the Jobindex Internet robot. You can only be a business user for one company at a time.

You can go ahead and set up one or more of your colleagues as business user/s , just as one of your colleagues can start setting you up as a business user. This is done by providing the email address. Jobindex then sends a confirmation/welcome email, after which you complete the setup of your business user profile.

When it comes to deleting business user profiles, we delete blocked users after 5 years. In addition, we delete inactive business users after 2 years. In this context, what we mean by inactive users are users who have not logged on for two years, who have not been in contact with their ads for two years, who have not received any reports (statistics) for two years, whose emails have been returned for two years, and who do not subscribe to our top list or newsletter.

If you wish to be deleted from our database, you can write to dpo@jobindex.dk. They will inform you of the personal data rules and your options.

Personal data and CRM information

As long as you have an ongoing customer relationship with Jobindex and are registered as a contact person, we will store your data in our CRM system in order to service you with our solutions/products as well as implement and invoice Sales.

In this regard, we store ordinary personal data such as your name, email address, company address and telephone number including your company affiliation.

If your customer relationship with Jobindex is terminated or if we are notified that you are resigning, we will then keep your data for 5 years + ongoing years in accordance with the business accounting and accounting rules. After that, your personal data will be anonymised, i.e. phone number/numbers, email address, personal name and personally identifiable notes will be deleted. If you want to be deleted from our CRM database, you can write to dpo@jobindex.dk, and someone will inform you about the personal data regulations and your options.

Personal data and GetAccept (digital signature)

When you receive a deal/offer from Jobindex for your approval, you will receive it via GetAccept. GetAccept is an e-signing programme/tool through which you can send, view and approve agreements/offers with a digital signature.

To make the agreement legally binding, when you open the agreement/offer from Jobindex, GetAccept collects a number of data, including personal data, in relation to how you interact with the offer/agreement from Jobindex, as well as ordinary personal information such as personal name, email, telephone number and either your IP number or that of the person approving the deal/offer. GetAccept extracts personal data, etc., from Jobindex's CRM system and the data is always processed according to applicable regulations, including the regulations for personal data.

Telephonic support

Telephonic support is available between 08h00 - 22h00, every day of the week. The office is open from Monday - Friday: 08h00 - 17h00. After 17h00 and on weekends and public holidays, telephonic support is provided on the special evening number: +45 3832 3388.

You can view the previous version of these terms and conditions here