Banner ads

All banners: Max file size 60 kb.


Ad of the week: 300 x 250 px

Skyscraper: 160 x 600 px

Statisk banner

Please submit static banners as .gif or .jpg.

Animeret banner

All material for the HTML5 banner must be hosted on Jobindex's servers. Please submit animated banners as HTML5 or .gif. of max 45 seconds and max 5 loops before stopping.

Please submit HTML5 banners in iframe tags via HTTPS. All links in banners must open as target="_blank". To enable Jobindex to track statistics, the iframe must allow a ”click”-parameter and links in the banner must direct to the URL that is that is entered in the ”click”-parameter.

For HTML5 banners, a clickTAG must be entered into the banner code in order for Jobindex to track statistics. The banner can not contain a hardcoded URL.

CC Animate
this.ctaclick.addEventListener("click", fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2);
function fl_ClickToGoToWebPage_2() {
  var clickurl =
    decodeURIComponent(location.search.replace(/.*[?&]click=([^&]*).*/, "$1"));
Adobe Edge og Google Web Designer
var clickurl = decodeURIComponent(location.search.replace(/.*[??&]click=([^?&]*).*/, "$1"));


Are we helping you produce the banner? You can send us relevant image-material or we will look on you company website (see terms).

Special Layout

We have 2 possible solutions for Special Layouts on Profile ads.




Orginal desktop-version

Company Profile


For your Company Profile we need 3 paragraphs of text, which together take up approx. one A4 page corresponding to approximately 2,000 characters.

The visual – images and video

In order for us to create your Company Profile, we need 3 photos (or 2 photos and a video). The images must be in wide format and in high resolution.


Image size 960 x 200-400 px – 72 ppi.


Image or video with a max width of 639 px – 72 ppi. Videos must be on YouTube or be to hosted by Jobindex via TwentyThree.


Image of a max width 799 px – 72 ppi.