How to handle ratings of your company

When you receive a positive rating – you don’t have to stay silent

Receiving a positive rating is certainly a good thing. You can choose to acknowledge it or simply comment the aspects of your company that were highlighted. Your input is sure to be well-received because it shows that you are interested – and that you value feedback.

When you receive a negative rating – let us help

Because ratings are a tool to promote openness and prepare jobseekers, we cannot control what is written – initially, at least. However, our terms and legislation provide a framework for what content we can and will accept.

If you receive a rating that you have a bad feeling about, we recommend counting to 10, reading the rating again and assessing the situation you are in: does the rating refer to people by name or contain coarse language? Or do you suspect that the person who wrote the rating has no connection to your company? No matter what, your best line of defence if you feel that something is wrong is to use our report function.

You have the ability to report ratings which you believe violate our terms or legislation – and when you report a rating, it will be hidden from your Company Profile. You must make an effort to provide reasons for reporting the rating so that we have the best foundation when processing your report.

A report will result in one of two outcomes: the rating will be removed if it violates our terms or legislation, or it will be re-published if there are no reasons for editing or removing it.

If a rating that you have reported is re-published, this means that it does not violate our terms or legislation. In this case, your best course of action is to respond to the rating in a constructive way. Here it is important that you remain professional.

Be sure that you:

  1. Answer promptly
  2. Are genuine in your answer
  3. Respond to specific questions
  4. Acknowledge the positive
  5. Thank them for the rating