Administration of Candidates

Perfect for those who are used to getting many applications for a position – but want to spend time on other things. We answer candidates and sort them for you, giving you an easy overview of the field of top candidates.

Leave the administration to us

We can help you manage and prioritise your applicants if you also purchase a Profile Ad (with or without CV match). This will save you time and resources, so you can focus on selecting the right employee for the job. At the same time, you can make sure that all applicants experience a good, consistent and professional process, as well as getting a good impression when applying for jobs at your company.

You will be assigned an experienced recruitment consultant, who will review the incoming applications, acknowledge receipt of the applications and answer all calls from applicants. Your consultant will also send rejection letters to non-relevant applicants after specific agreement with you.

You will regularly be provided with a list of applicants, prioritised according to your criteria, so you can invite relevant candidates for interviews.

  • Profile clarification
  • Screening
  • Handover and feedback for candidates

Candidate management

DKK 10,000

Product requires the purchase of a Profile Ad.

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