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Do-It-Yourself Ad

The price of a Do-It-Yourself Ad is DKK 995 excl. VAT.

Jobindex helps you hunt for new employees. It is easy, fast and cheap. And it is free for private individuals as well as spare time jobs for youths under 18.

There are 3 different ways of posting job ads:

  1. Companies without job ads on their website homepage ad can enter a job directly with us. (in Danish)
  2. Companies with occasional job ads on their website can enter a do-it-yourself link with us. (in Danish)
  3. Companies with a permanent career/job sites on their website can register their site with the Jobindex job robot.
    The career/job site is scanned automatically every night and any new positions will automatically be posted at Jobindex. (in Danish)

These job ads will not contain your logo that links directly to the full job ad, just as they will be placed after all job ads with a logo (called Profile Ads). Moreover, these job ads are visible on Jobindex for 3 weeks and will subsequently be automatically deleted.