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You have free access to searching in Jobindex’s CV database totalling more than 135,000 CVs. This includes relevant, interesting CVs for everyone from engineers and IT specialists to managers and financial experts to tradespeople and social and healthcare assistants. It is easy to search in the CV database for example by job title, geographical area, experience, expected salary or simply a search word, and you can find extra help in our search manual.

In order to gain access to the CV database, you simply need to register as a company user – you then have free access via

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CV database

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You only pay when a contact leads to a hiring

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Are you from a staffing or recruitment agency, or are you looking to fill a specific job vacancy?

When you contact many people in the CV database or wish to fill a specific vacancy where the salary is purely on a provisional basis or requires capital contributions, this costs DKK 100 plus VAT per contact you make.

If you expect to contact or hire a lot of people, however, you can enjoy low and fixed rates.

Up to 2500 contacts and hirings No limit on contact and hiring
(Over 2500 contacts and hirings)
12 mths. DKK 25,000,– 12 mths. DKK 50,000,–
6 mths. DKK 15,000,– 6 mths. DKK 30,000,–