Job Ad Layout

Give readers a fantastic first impression of your job posting and your company with a Job Ad Layout

A Job Ad Layout allows your ad to stand out from traditional job postings and provides a unique first impression that strengthens communication with potential applicants.

The Job Ad Layout has so much more potential than a traditional layout. Using photographs, graphics, text, testimonials and video, for example, you can describe your workplace and the job in an attractive way that also ensures your job ad reflects your workplace.

The ad layout is used as standard for your job ads on for one year.

What you get:

  • An eye-catching, easily recognisable job ad that can be integrated into your e-recruitment system and linked to your own website or existing material
  • A flexible solution with plenty of visual and interactive potential in images, text and video
  • A layout that matches your overall visual identity

What the customers say: “Besides the images, I like the fact that we have the opportunity to upload a short film, link to different places on our website, etc. The ad layout gives a professional, more accurate and personal impression – which I believe is important because it is often the candidate’s first meeting with the company.” Dorthe Danielsen, HR Assistant, CBRE Global Workplace Solutions

Price per year: DKK 15,000 excl. VAT.

Call your contact person if you would like to know more.