Seminar on writing job ads

Learn to write job ads that attract the right candidates!

Jobindex’s Seminar on writing job ads gives you the tools and writing techniques needed to write effective, exciting and targeted job ads.


We share our extensive experience in writing job ads and combine it with the latest results from our study “The Good Job Ad”. You will return from the seminar knowing which linguistic and content elements attract and motivate the right candidates to read the job ad and apply for the position.

The design of the full, one-day seminar is a mixture of teaching, workshops and writing exercises where all participants will be involved.

What you get:

  • Tips, specific tools and fresh inspiration to make your ads more targeted and effective
  • Valuable information from Jobindex’s study “The Good Job Ad”
  • Actual feedback on your ads and an exchange of experience with participants from other companies

What the customers say: “I would like to thank you for a really inspiring seminar. What’s best about it is that everything you learn is right at your fingertips and easy to implement.” Marianne Moritz Thomassen, ASE

Price: DKK 3,000 excl. VAT

Call your contact person if you would like to know more.