Groundbreaking job match project

There is good news for the many Danes trying to navigate the job search jungle. A 3-year research project is now trying to crack the code of matching jobseekers with the right jobs. The project is supported by Innovation Fund Denmark with 7 million Dkr.

UCPH, AAU and Jobindex will match jobseekers with the right jobs

So far no one has succeeded in designing the perfect algorithm for proper job matches. Researchers at University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University will take on the challenge in cooperation with the IT and recruitment agency Jobindex.

The key to the new system is unique data from the approx. 100,000 jobs manually matched by Jobindex’ recruitment consultants during 10 years. The researchers will use this data to provide the system with knowledge of the personal characteristics and professional skills that fit various jobs.

It’s not going to be easy

Researchers all over the world have been trying to create this type of system. But the scientists believe that the unique data from Jobindex will help them crack the code to create a useful tool to help jobseekers. It will be an IT solution that’s never been seen before, says Professor at University of Copenhagen, Christina Lioma.

More people will land the right job

The tool with be able to do two things: First of all, it will be better at matching candidates with jobs based on more parameters than is possible today.

The system is built with the same kind of algorithm used by Netflix and Spotify to recommend movies and music based on previous patterns. By looking at job history, place of residence and personal preferences regarding workplace culture, the algorithm will be able to tailor the job recommendations.

Toine Bogers, Associate Professor at Aalborg University

Secondly, the system must be able to generate automatic texts when contacting candidates.

The texts needs to be adjusted based on the knowledge of what’s important to the candidates in question. These texts will seem more convincing and capture the candidates attention - and hopefully make them notice jobs they normally wouldn’t have given a second glance.

Denmark’s largest recruitment portal

Jobindex is involved in about 10 % of the recruitments in Denmark. According to Megafon, approx. 300,000 Danes have found their current job via Jobindex. The long-term goal is to increase Jobindex’ customers’ productivity with 1 % by finding more relevant candidates for the jobs, and thereby annually creating 1 billion Dkr. extra value for the companies and society.

Our current systems suggest jobs based on e.g. job ads you’ve previously clicked on. The new system will suggest jobs that match you and jobs you’ll have a good chance of landing. We have more than 20,000 job ads and 200,000 CVs at Jobindex, and we’re looking forward to providing a new system to help our users find jobs they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Kaare Danielsen, CEO at Jobindex

Project participants

Qiuchi Li, DIKU
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Mesut Kaya, AAU
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Sofie Vedtofte, Jobindex
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Klaus Madsen, Jobindex
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